The Curse of the Wedding Twins

I was recently hired to write a series of DIY pieces for a site called Weddingbee. This is good because in the past few months I’ve become a DIY fiend and now that I’ve decorated every possible surface in my HOUSE, I’ve moved onto WEDDING.


In fact, it’s a good thing that I’m not on one of those My Fair Wedding shows because if David Tutera were to show up at my house right now, he’d be all nice and smiley to my face but then behind my back, he’d tell his producers, “Has this bride lost her mind? She’s got enough crap for seven weddings!”

(And being the trusting and naïve bride that I am, I wouldn’t know this until after the episode aired so I’d spend the entire reception thinking that I was one of David’s favorite brides, and that we were going to remain friends even after the wedding and I’d make a big, weepy toast in front of all of my guests to thank him for his help… but then, a few months later I would learn the truth. I would learn that David thought I was ridiculous and I would spend the rest of my life wandering around and muttering to myself, “Why didn’t someone stop me???”)

david t

Anyway, as a new member of the WeddingBee community, I was prompted to create a profile and once I created my profile, I was prompted to find my “wedding twins.”

Now, I know all about fit-n-flares, cake toppers (no), and STDs (Save the Dates obviously), but wedding twins? What the hell are wedding twins?

Well, it turns out WeddingBee has an entire message board system devoted this concept and wedding twins are random brides across the country (even perhaps across the world) who have the same wedding month as you. You can chat with them about things like booking vendors, ordering your dress, and how your fiancé popped the question.

So I logged on, found the “May” twin section, and started scrolling.

It was then that I started freaking out.

My twins were already posting honeymoon shots and elaborate photo spreads.

Was I missing something? Are PIC and I really that far behind???



These weren’t my twins.

These were the May 2015 girls. PIC and I aren’t getting married until May 2016.

(Can we just pause for a moment to reflect on that fact that the May 2015 Wedding Twin board is still active? Shouldn’t these folks have moved on with their lives by now???)


Anyway, the May 2016 Wedding Twin board wasn’t much better. One bride had started a thread with the heading “I still haven’t ordered my dress yet. Is anyone else in the same boat?”

I was all set to say, “Yes! Me too, sister!” (or perhaps “sista?” Would my twins find this cool?) when I realized the post was nearly 3 months old, meaning I was way behind in comparison not only to the 2015 twins but to the 2016 twins as well…


I guess it’s time to get a move on.


12 Responses to “The Curse of the Wedding Twins”

  1. Heather

    Yep. And if you’re interested, or your readers are, it gets worse with the baby month clubs of all the mommies who give birth in the same month. More comparisons. But also a lot of Me Too’s.

    • Kat Richter

      Oh God seriously? I can’t wait… not! But I guess the “me too” moments make the “what is wrong with me” moments worth it. It just feels so weird to be having these conversations with people I’ve never met (then again, the same could be said for my blog I suppose).

  2. GirlAstray

    No worries, you have plenty of time. I´m getting married in a week and I still don´t have:
    1. legal translator (which is really crucial since my fiance is a foreigner and it´s a legal obligation to have one)

    2. rings (eh…I was kind of lazy to deal with it sooner on) that would match my dress (I refuse to get new shoes, I hate heels and I would never wear white shoes anyway, so some old shoes have to do. My mother, on the other hand, has a different opinion and she´s trying to make me buy other shoes. Actually, she made me buy a dress. I wanted to get married in a whatever dress. Well, now I have a cute flowery dress, maybe I´ll wear it to the university exams or something. In general, it seems that my mother freaks out about this wedding more than I do. Eh, mothers.)

    4. oh, I almost forgot – I didn´t do the wedding announcements yet – yu know, those little cards with the date and time and “you´re invited to the table” shit…I guess today is the last day it makes sense to make them…ot is it too late? I´m still thinking if I want to share it on facebook at all, but if I don´t half of the people won´t even realize I ´m getting married and then be insulted I didn´t tell them…omg.

    Is it a good excuse that I arrived back to my country just a month ago and am dealing with the wedding two weeks prior only? I hope so! 🙂 Good luck anyway! And I want to hear the wedding-dress-story!

    • Kat Richter

      Wow! Okay this makes me feel better but then again, it sounds like we’re having very different types of wedding- I’m sure yours will come together in exactly the way you want 🙂 And Facebook does make everything more complicated in terms of etiquette… On a happier note, will you post pics of your dress? It sounds cute!

      • GirlAstray

        Yes, I will post some photos, but I just washed it and I need to iron it first 🙂 Also, we have this tradition that the groom cannot see the dress before the wedding day.
        Now I am happy that the wedding is for sure – I got the translator, weeeee!
        About the wedding day turning out the way you want it – I think a wedding doesn´t go wrong easily, since even if the organization isn´t what you expected, still, if you both manage to say yes, then it´s turning out just fine 🙂 Good luck with the preparations and keep us updated! Cheers!


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