Writing left handed

FAQ at the PMA (Or, How PIC Popped the Question)

It’s my favorite gallery in my favorite building in what is, arguably, my very favorite place to be on a Friday night: the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Summer 2015 221

I’m wearing my favorite outfit: a gold cowl neck top paired with my new pink silk harem pants, a pair of ridiculously obnoxious earrings, and, because it’s the art museum, a gold sequined-shrug.

Life comes with so few opportunities to wear sequins. One must make the most of them, don’t you think?

PIC is wearing considerably less gold, and not a single sequin, but when he takes my hand, suggests a visit to the room with the fountain and tells me he’d like to ask me a question, my heart skips the perennial beat.



The writer in me wants to stop here, to leave you all in suspense, but I’m sure you can guess what transpired next…

Just in case, though, I’ll give you a hint: it involved a ring, a question and an answer. And that answer was “yes.”

photo jazz

And, yes, before you ask, he got down on one knee and everything. More tomorrow, once I’ve stopped freaking out and regain my ability to write in complete sentences… 🙂



23 Responses to “FAQ at the PMA (Or, How PIC Popped the Question)”

  1. sarahnsh

    Congratulations!! I love that you were dressed in your favorite clothes and in your favorite place to be too. Don’t forget about the details when you post more! 🙂

  2. Laurie

    I am so darned happy for you! Especially because he is romantic, and loves beautiful things (not just you), and museums and fountains. How wonderful!

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