• ovaries

    Rosaries and Ovaries: Standing for Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia

    Well that did not go according plan. I was sitting in Planned Parenthood, waiting for my annual exam and even though I had a great new novel in my purse, I couldn’t focus.…

  • Lots of Shoes

    The Plague of Stuff: We Buy, Who Pays?

    Towards the end of every semester, I ask my anthropology students to conduct an inventory of their closets. It is both a nod to In Small Things Forgotten (the bible of…

  • El Salvador Sunday 203

    Weekend Project: How to Make a Zen Meditation Cushion

    I like to meditate. In theory at least. In truth, I only get around to it like twice a month, and even then I get bored after a few minutes, lose track of how many deep breaths…

  • roses

    The Great Rose Petal Debacle

    On our first date, there was, amongst other things, mention of a wedding. It was for an old friend of his from high school and would be held on the day after Christmas in New…

  • Clearly these people are VERY religious.

    Running: Some Vingnettes

    Let’s talk about marathon runners, shall we? I don’t have anything against them personally, in fact when they’re not busy posting Facebook pictures of their race bibs, I…

  • Brussels 2010 058

    Belgian Beer and Chocolate

    Since when did urinating in public—in broad daylight—become okay?  If it seems that I’m a bit obsessed with the art of peeing in Belgium, it’s because the entire tourism…

  • A mass of vibrant colorful ribbons

    Monday Morning

    "Go to Walmart!" she concludes, which is exactly what I was going to say. We always send our problem customers to Walmart.


    Day #2 at the DNC

    This morning finds me sandwiched between two Hillary delegates at the PA delegation breakfast. One is advocating for nuclear energy (what???) but also happens to be…