The Lactation Room, Part 2

Twerking Mom

So I’ve made it for about 7 months without actually using
the Lactation Room on campus, in part because I never got around to filing the
paperwork, in part because I still don’t know where the damn thing is, and in
part because when you’re carrying three bags already as it is, it’s easier to
just pump in a closet before your classes begin (and then again in the car
after they’re done).

Trust me.

But at the end of the semester I had to stay late on campus
to attend a student concert, and I had to pump, and I couldn’t pump in my usual
closet, so went to HR a full three days ahead of time and asked for the
paperwork for the pump room.

Except no one knew what I meant by “pump room” (even though I had seen a room with that very designation printed on…

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