• roses

    The Great Rose Petal Debacle

    On our first date, there was, amongst other things, mention of a wedding. It was for an old friend of his from high school and would be held on the day after Christmas in New…

  • Racism

    There’s No Such Thing as Race

    As a professor of cultural anthropology, I’ve grown accustomed to my white students blaming their black classmates for their own failure to qualify for financial aid. Along…

  • El Salvador Sunday 529

    El Salvador: There are No Bathrooms in the Mangroves

    El Salvador, 2015: It’s our first day out of San Salvador and between the drive down to the coast, the boat ride through the mangrove forest and the fresh coconut water served…

  • the-serenade1

    Every 65 Minutes: To Jacob, with Love

    Almost exactly three years ago, I arrived home at my parent’s house to see three scruffy looking men approaching our garage. My first thought was, “Oh great… who have we…

  • Clearly these people are VERY religious.

    Running: Some Vingnettes

    Let’s talk about marathon runners, shall we? I don’t have anything against them personally, in fact when they’re not busy posting Facebook pictures of their race bibs, I…

  • Planned-Parenthood-Protest-October-14-34

    Do I Look Like a Baby Killer?

    This morning I went to Planned Parenthood.  I go every three months to pick up my birth control pills and again in August just before my birthday for my annual pelvic exam. My…

  • Brussels 2010 058

    Belgian Beer and Chocolate

    Since when did urinating in public—in broad daylight—become okay?  If it seems that I’m a bit obsessed with the art of peeing in Belgium, it’s because the entire tourism…


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