The Bridal Learning Curve: How to Get Free Wine

I’ve been a bride-to-be for about two and a half weeks now and all I can say is… wow! There’s a rather steep learning curve.

Stuff like how to finger comb your curls in the shower without getting your ring stuck in your hair…

And keeping the menus of approximately seven different caterers straight in your head…

And remembering that your boyfriend is no longer just your boyfriend; he’s your fiancé

But some of the new stuff is cool.

Take venue open houses for one.

I didn’t even know such things existed until about a week and a half ago.

But they do.

And they’re glorious.


You get to tour these fancy historic estates and people fawn all over you and give you free wine and serve you appetizers.

Then you talk about dates and it starts to get scary (especially when you’re hoping to get married in the spring just like every other hot-blooded couple within a 500 mile radius of Philadelphia) but until the date conversations begin, it’s pretty fun.

Especially when they give you white-chocolate covered popcorn.

(If you’re tipsy enough, white-chocolate covered popcorn is the most amazing thing in the world).

I’m pretty sure that some of the folks at the open house we went to last Wednesday weren’t even getting married. One couple claimed to be doing research for their daughter who had just gotten engaged and was currently in Hawaii but I’m pretty sure they were just crashing the open house for the free wine.

Which gives me a few ideas…

5 Responses to “The Bridal Learning Curve: How to Get Free Wine”

  1. petitepaumee

    haha sometimes you can even get more than free wine/appetizers… my fiance (yes, still getting used to it too!) and I grabbed lunch at the hotel we were going to view because we got there early and I was super hungry(hangry) between venue visits. The catering manager showed up after we realized we’d be late to our appointment with her due to extremely slow service… and she comped our meals. 🙂

    PS. At least you have a DATE. and a VENUE. I still don’t.


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