After I Quit My Day Job Goes to 30 Rock

Last night, I had a horrible dream.  I was trying to figure out what to wear and my room was a mess and there were clothes all over the place and I couldn’t find anything.  I kept trying to locate the black lace gown I’d intended to wear to Date #7’s brother’s wedding but not matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find it.

I’m hoping that the dream wasn’t an indication of how today’s going to go down because I’m on my way to New York for an interview… with a television producer.

It probably doesn’t help that I spent all afternoon in the fitting rooms at Jomar’s yesterday trying to find the perfect dress for New Years Eve.  I was planning to be good this year, by which I mean my intent was to simply recycle last year’s dress (there’s nothing wrong with it and I’ve only worn it once) but now that The Wedding Date is coming, the stakes are a bit higher.

Granted, he’s never seen me in last year’s New Year’s Eve dress but I’m pretty sure that most of the women reading this (and perhaps even some of men) will understand my dilemma.

At any rate, it’s time for me to stop worrying about New Years and pull myself together.  After all, it’s not every day that a girl like me gets to tell her boss, “Sorry, I won’t be able to come in on Friday.  I have to go to New York for an interview.”

(Between all of the parent/teacher conferences and the Headstart audits, this announcement was essentially the highlight of my week).

So what exactly am I doing in New York?  Well, I don’t want to say too much because I’m afraid of jinxing it but I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with my favorite subject (if you’re not sure what I mean by this, scroll up and take a look at the new name I’ve given this blog).

I’ve always been a bit camera shy so I’m a tad nervous but you know me: there are few things I like to talk about more than my “fieldwork.”

Now before you get all excited, the segment won’t air until February so we’ll have plenty of time to prepare for my debut (I don’t know about you but I’ll be stocking up on wine and chocolate, just like I did back in grad school the week before our grade reports came out).

As for other news, please update your bookmarks and blogrolls because as you may have noticed, “After I Quit My Day Job” is now “Fieldwork in Stilettos.”  I’ll be changing the URL soon too so stay tuned.

I should also note that The Wedding Date will be on his way to Philadelphia in just 36 hours (give or take a few) and because he’s a total saint in the “I need a date” department, we’ll be attending our first dinner party together.

(Which means that I really should do something about that dream of mine, because the part about my room being a mess was TRUE and I’d rather not give the poor man a heart attack.)

So, any last minutes tips for your camera-shy manthropologist?

7 Responses to “After I Quit My Day Job Goes to 30 Rock”

  1. Philly Tap Teaser

    I didn’t realize it was happening TODAY! So exciting! You know your stuff, so just relax and have fun with it. And use your height to your advantage. I know for a fact that more people pay attention to me when I tower over them in my highest heels.

  2. Katie

    Just be your confident self, and you will be fine. And smile a lot. No one doesn’t like someone who smiles a lot.

    (I apologize for that last sentence. I’m having a bit of a coffee situation this morning. Good luck!!!)

  3. Brazilian

    Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll do great!! Walk with confidence, but not cocky (spelling) and whoever is interviewing you will be impressed.
    Good luck, or break-a-leg, or whatever is appropriate for this occasion.


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