Writing left handed

Okay, Okay, On with the Fuss

This is why I love writing a blog: I can freak out, write about, and smart people give me great advice. For free.

24 hours later, I’m feeling much better. I don’t need to become some sort of martyr just to have a nice-but-responsible wedding.

In fact, this afternoon I’m hitting the trail (the venue tour trail that is) with my parents. PIC and I have culled the initial list of possibilities from 8 down to 2, Dream Venue included, but just to be sure, I’ve set up a few more appointments with the goal of making a decision by the end of the week.

When I saw my dad earlier this morning, he had the audacity to ask, “Do you have a spreadsheet? Like that you’re going to bring with us today so you can take notes?”

A spreadsheet? Are you kidding me?

I have not one but two, and they’re both multi-page sheets. That’s in addition to my customized “Venue Question” form, which has two blank text boxes on the second page (yes, second) so that PIC and I can record our first impressions after each visit in real time.

And don’t even get me started on the OneNote extravaganza that’s been happening between my mom and me for the past week. I think the only person who is more excited about me getting married than me is my mother. Not only am I her first born and her only daughter, but she’s a florist. She used to do this for a living.

Do I have a spreadsheet…? Pleeeeeasssssseee!


He also suggested I send my mom a text to let her know where and when we’re meeting later. To which I responded, “You mean like the color-coded email I sent yesterday?


And on that note, I’m going to be back to trying to be a better person now.


2 Responses to “Okay, Okay, On with the Fuss”

  1. Laurie

    This might be the funniest wedding post I have ever read. Spreadsheets and color-coded e-mails! My kids only just sent out their invites, barely a month before the date! The cheapest venue in NYC is Central Park, where you can reserve the fountain and flower garden for just $25.00. I have seen the most beautiful weddings there. Some have a picnic in the park, and others go off to a restaurant for the meal. I found a similar deal in Portland Maine in a lighthouse park along the bay, but the kids splurged on their chosen venue. They’ve spent a lot of time walking trails together in that Audubon. I know that you will find a place that is elegant and romantic, spreadsheets aside.


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