Writing left handed

An Update, a Promise, and the Promise of a Promise

Hi, remember me? The girl who used to blog here?

Well, I’m back. Again. But this time it’s for good and I’m finally going to start writing about interesting things: travel, design, anthropology, social justice… maybe even the occasional tidbit about weddings.

(Come on, you know you can’t wait to hear me extol the many virtues of the humble mason jar.)

At Beckys Wedding

Speaking of mason jars, this photo was taken at my friend Becky’s wedding last month by Avi Loren Fox. What Becky’s wedding lacked in mason jars, it made up for in pies.

But online dating?


Not ever again.

I’m aware that I may lose some of you along the way and I will be truly sad to see you go—it’s a lot easier to get through the ups and downs of your romantic entanglements when you have random strangers from the internet cheering you on—but I’m almost 30.

Almost 30!

And the time has come to lay aside my girl-about-town alter ego for something a bit more in keeping with… well… being a college professor. A travel writer. A dance critic. A homeowner. A woman whose boyfriend has put down a 50% deposit on an engagement ring…

But we’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, welcome back.

24 Responses to “An Update, a Promise, and the Promise of a Promise”

    • Kat Richter

      Haha, I did. I did ask the man in question if he was ok with me revealing his… Shopping first and he was ok with it.

  1. becky119

    Yay!!!! I LOVE that dress by the way. I’m so excited to be able to read your blog again!! 🙂

  2. Ann St. Vincent

    Welcome back – and congrats on your engagement?! Pleased to hear there may be no online dating in your future… After 5 months I’m back in that game and it’s rather, um, frustrating.

      • Ann St. Vincent

        OK Cupid and POF. I have dating “rules” I’m trying to stick to which gets me fewer conversations but better quality guys. Given my last relationship I really want to ensure I have someone who is actually ready to be a boyfriend!

        • Kat Richter

          Quality, not quantity! (Never though I’d say that, LOL!) Good luck– PIC and I met on POF so you just might luck out. I’ll look forward to hearing updates 🙂

          • Ann St. Vincent

            Thanks! I’ve got a few dating stories already up. One promising dude so far, but the early stages of dating I really hate…

    • Kat Richter

      Thanks! I’ve been obsessing over the formatting all week… widgets are not my forte. As for the engagement, it has yet to actually take place, but I am waiting with bated breath 🙂

  3. Leah

    you know you can also put pie in a mason jarhttp://ourbestbites.com/2009/09/single-serving-pie-in-a-jar/


  4. Jen

    Woah! Welcome back! I think it’s more exciting to hear about your impending engagement than random dates. 🙂


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