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In the Event of an Apocalypse…

Mayan calendar

It’s 5:00am.  I’m awake debating whether I should blow my Christmas bonus at Victoria’s Secret (sexy underwear for my weekend in Manhattan with TWD) or Macy’s (sexy boots for my weekend in Manhattan with TWD) when it hits me:

“Were not dead!”

“Huh?” TWD mumbles.

“The world didn’t end.  We’re not dead.”

Mayan calendarI wasn’t really too hung up on the whole Mayan Apocalypse theory but I would have been really pissed if the world had ended before I got the chance to spend my Christmas bonus.

“It could have ended,” TWD replied.  “And we just don’t know it.  Maybe we’re the only two people left on earth…”

I can see where this is going.

(In which case it’s going to be up to us to repopulate…)

But this doesn’t solve my boots vs. underwear dilemma.  Boots would have been the better choice for post-apocalyptic survival (better for kicking zombies and what not) but then again, if we had been charged with the task of repopulating the earth, the sexy underwear would have come in handy.


13 Responses to “In the Event of an Apocalypse…”

  1. Brazilian

    … on the other hand, a woman wearing sexing boots (just) would achieve the same goal.

  2. Zak

    Boots. Because coming from Montreal this week and seeing sooooo many hot women in boots has made it hard to think of anything else. Also, SJC wore hers last night and… well, I slept in.

  3. Katie @ Domestiphobia.net

    Boots. If you’re the last woman on earth, you don’t need the underwear. Or to shave, for that matter. Ever. Again.

    Also, apparently we’re not out of the woods yet. Here’s what my brother had to say on Facebook this morning:

    “Okay people seem to be a bit confused: December 21 is the last date on the Mayan calendar. That doesn’t mean that world is going to end at midnight on 20th and you should be relieved now that it is the 21st. It means that the last day of the world is the 21st and it will all end sometime before the the 22nd. So you’ve got another day to fret about it.

    Now this is really just the end of the thirteenth Baktun. I assume that if the Mayan civilization was still around, they would have decided that the market was right for a fourteenth Baktun calendar, and you’d be able to find it at any fine retailer…”

  4. sarahnsh

    I would say the boots if you have a specific outfit that you know that you could use them with, but I’d probably lean more towards sexy underwear. But, wait until the semi annual sale at Victoria secret! It’s going to be happening around in January, I’m pretty sure, so wait up for the amazing sale to get even more than just cute and sexy underwear. 😉 oh, and for my husband and I we are going to an end of the world party tonight at a museum, I’m so excited!

  5. Landlord

    So funny, when we woke up today, chauffeur said the same thing about the world not ending, to which I replied, “we haven’t gone outside yet, we may be the only ones left”…must be the Latino side of things… then the garbage trucks made noise, and I said, “see they are picking up all of the apocalyptic debris”…like thunderdome style machinery…okay, I’m done being silly, but we really did have this exact conversation.


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