We Might Be Taking a Break…

Around noon, I received a surprising text message from TWD.  “I haven’t talked to you since I left for work this morning.  And you didn’t post your blog post today.  Are you okay?”

He went on to express his concern then asked me call to him to let him know whether or not I was “still amongst the living.”

“Of course I’m still amongst the living!” I replied, “I’m just sick of writing my blog.”

And it’s true.

While considering possible subjects for today’s post, I came up with the following:

A)     The semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret

B)      Doing TWD’s laundry for the first time

C)      Cough drops that taste like Pez

Seriously.  Cough drops.

As I reviewed my more recent topics (Twizzlers, socks, curtains, ice cubes, cheesecakes and toll booths) I realized that I’ve been getting lamer and lamer by the minute.

“I think it’s because you’re not being honest,” TWD suggested.  And frankly, he’s right.

But there are a lot of things I can’t be honest about right now.  Some are bad, and some—actually quite a few— are good, but it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, they’re still off limits.  They’re unprofessional.  They’re uncomfortable.  They’re inappropriate. They’re about people I care about or situations that I really shouldn’t be broadcasting publically, so I’m left with socks… and bras.

And cough drops.

(Is it just me or are those orange-flavored Airborne tablets to die for?)

I’m not really sure what to do.

I never set out to be a blogger.  And even though I’ve landed quite a few paid writing gigs as a result of my blog, I still hate Twitter and Hootsuite and SEO and all of the things that good bloggers obsess about.  I’ve paid a few bills thanks to the dawn of the sponsored post but it’s getting harder and harder to find interesting things to write about, meanwhile I have entire books in my head just waiting to be written if only I could find the time…

So I’m thinking about taking a break.

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23 Responses to “We Might Be Taking a Break…”

  1. Michelle

    Kay, I think if it helps for you to collect your thoughts to be able to write well and also keep your readership interested then you should take a break 🙂

  2. profmdwhite

    You scared me–from the title I thought you meant you and TWD were taking a break!

  3. Captain Phoenix Rising

    Maybe this has run its course and now it is time to move on to those books I’m always hearing about. We will miss you, but it might just prompt a certain cousin to actually pick up the phone!
    Follow your heart…Keep in touch…And yes, the orange Airborne’s are the best flavor!

  4. Becky Bentrim

    Ok, well I can understand the logic behind what you’re saying, but it will make me sad. Hurry up and write your books!
    P.S. did you hear that Sophie Kinsella is coming out with a new book in the spring? Very excited.

  5. Janice

    Kat, here’s an idea: what if you start writing excerpts of your book(s) and post them on your blog? Keep yourself accountable… Crowdsource feedback before publishing… Rename the blog to “Fieldwork in…?” Just an idea!

  6. Caroline K

    I’m dying to read your books! Your readership will be ok…and it sounds like you’ll be feeling better for the break!

  7. abercroc

    As a random stranger who has followed your blog since the beginning… I’d miss your posts. Even if they are about socks, ice and cough drops.

  8. Zak

    I know exactly how you feel (or I think I do). I’ve either posted about something silly that pissed me off or not posted lately. I’ve been sitting on pics of my house and trips to post, but haven’t yet bothered to share them. I’m just tired of blogging so often (right now).

  9. Katie @ Domestiphobia.net

    Sad. I think this happens to a lot of bloggers who start out writing about dating… you almost feel bad about being happy. That said, I’m happy for you, sad for me. Give ‘er a little rest, if that’s what you need, and maybe you’ll find the gear switch you’re looking for. 🙂

  10. Jerseyite Lurker

    If you’d like to keep the lines of communication with your readership open, and keep the option open of coming back full tilt later on, without the sense of being expected to produce on a fixed schedule, you might consider blogging here irregularly every week or two. But, that’s only if *YOU* want to, and it certainly shouldn’t be allowed to slow down your larger writing projects. On a side note, one hopes life has stabilized with the “two new roomies” chez Richter.

  11. sarahnsh

    I’m really happy for you and your man, and I think that sometimes a break is needed. For me, I’ve always had this need to write personally so I knew I could only do this by being anonymous. So, that is how I started up blogging again because I’ve been doing it since I fourteen, if you have any stories or that book you wrote completely I say post it! I’d definitely check it out!

  12. Rachel

    I think when writing becomes a dread and not a joy, then it’s time to move on. I’ll miss reading you writing about cows, kids in coffee shops and cough drops, but you could always pick it up later as you feel inspired. Or start a secret blog where you are anonymous and can write about various people and situations without them being identified. Just be sure to let us know – secretly – where we can find you.

    • Kat Richter

      You have no idea how tempted I am to do that… but there’s no such thing as true anonymity on the internet! An ex of TWD’s found my blog within about five seconds flat and he didn’t even give her my (or it’s) name!

  13. Kate Katharina

    I’ve been following your blog for almost two years and am a huge admirer of your writing. You have an ease of style that could translate really well into fiction. And though I would miss your posts, I think your writing has a lot more to say than a dating blog allows. This decision might be important because it could define what you might become, or perhaps more importantlym, what you might not become. I was always a little uneasy with the whole “Single Bridezillas” publicity. I felt like I knew enough about you and your writing to judge that it wasn’t quite you. Choose your privacy, choose TWD, choose writing a book. There are so many people who are dying to read it. 🙂 All the best with your next move! (And quite selfishly, because I too would love to write a book, I’d love you to blog about the writing process.. I could do with some tips!)

  14. W

    I’m having a similar problem, not that I don’t have anything to write about–I’m actually behind in blogging about my dates–but that it just takes more time away from other things I should be doing. If you decide to take a break, we will miss you.

    Maybe just once a week?

  15. Landlord

    I vote for once a week, very selfishly, but yeah…I’d love once a week. I think our family dynami/hijinks can keep you in material for the most part. Don’t forget the winter party season for Pennsport is just beginning 😉


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