Friday Facebook Round Up: The Best of Fruity Animals

It is officially fall.  I know this because when I slipped into bed with The Wedding Date on Wednesday night, his first reaction was “Hey baby…” followed by an immediate and rather horrified “OH MY GOD YOUR FEET ARE COLD!”

Granted, it was midnight and he was already half asleep.  I’d spent the night at the theater—first the MAAS building in Kensington for a review of Leah Stein’s Hoist and then at the Suzanne Roberts on Broad Street for Untitled Feminist Show—and I had driven the hour and half from Philadelphia to where-TWD-lives in a sundress and strappy sandals because I’m always reluctant to admit that the summer has come to an end (even if I end up with icicle feet as a result).

So happy fall, folks.

And happy Friday.

And now, here’s a little something to celebrate, courtesy of Facebook.

apple cut as butterfly

I’m still trying to figure out how they did this…


owl made of watermelon

I’m both impressed and terrified by this (you know how I feel about birds…)

cute puppy cupcakes

Puppies! I don’t normally think these kind of dogs are all that cute, but done up in frosting? They’re irresistible!

4 Responses to “Friday Facebook Round Up: The Best of Fruity Animals”

  1. Chicago-Style Girl

    I only like the puppies if they are delicious. If they are not delicious, I hate the puppies. There’s no reason to be a food that is that cute without being delicious.


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