36 Ways to Deal with Unwanted Pubic Hair

brazilian waxLast week, for the benefit of those of you with whom I am not Facebook Friends, I posted the following:

Okay ladies… bikini waxing? How do we feel? Seeing as I’m going to be wearing a bikini every day for the next week, I’m considering it but a) I think its gonna hurt, b) I think its gonna be expensive and c) I’ve never had one before so I’m worried that I’m gonna have some sort of adverse reaction and be stuck on a cruise ship looking even worse than before. Thoughts? Also, how long does it last? Will I need a touch up mid-week?

The response was almost enough to make me give up blogging.  I received 36 comments for something that took me all of ten seconds to write!  And here I spend hours painstakingly crafting interesting blog posts for your amusement—hmmmph!

At any rate, enjoy.  (And for those of who already saw this thread, scroll down to the end to see which option I finally picked!)

Jim: I cant wait to read this thread.

Glenn : My thought on waxing … OUCH! Shaving is very tidy, and far less painful.

Kim: Yes, it will hurt. Yes it will be expensive. Yes your skin will be red and sore for a day after. It will last a couple weeks so no, you should not need a touch up. The results get better each time you do it though just because of hair growth cycles.  But, you need to go to a good place. This is not the time to skimp or look for discounts.

Kelly: Yes, at the time, but not for long b) shouldn’t be too bad (not over here anyway) c) always a possibility, not very helpful now, but if you want it for particular times, probably worth having one down a few weeks before when it won’t matter so much, to check.

Jack: Why why why? What do you have against hair?

Pam: I’ve had pretty good success with the drugstore-variety bikini creams.

Meghan: Do NOT do one yourself. Those stories usually end badly. They last a good 1-2 weeks. Find a reasonably priced salon and treat yourself. It will be worth it to not have to pack several razors for your cruise.

Monica: I’d say go for it, as long as you’re not hyper-sensitive to pain and/or have very sensitive skin. There will be some pain but it’s very quick! It’ll definitely last you the whole week of holiday. Make sure to get it done a few days before you head off though, because the skin will be a bit tender for a day or two.

Nicole: DO IT! give yourself two days for redness to go away. usually gives me 10 days of freedom

Urszula: depends how pain sensitive you are. An ibuprofen or two an hour before helps. Plus, it lasts longer than shaving.

Debbie: LOVE IT!!! Look up reviews of waxers and find someone that uses hard wax. It is less painful and more sanitary. It lasts quite a bit. You will be fine for the week.

Landlord: UGH, is all I can say, but I’m an old lady who couldn’t care less.

Marissa: It’s not as painful as you think! Take an Advil an hour before. I go to Jenne at Heads & Tails off rittenhouse sq shes great. I go every 4 weeks in summer.

Jenny: Get a Brazilian first and then all times afterward will be cake.

Landlord (again): I find it interesting that all of the male comments are against the process 😉

Annette: A standard bikini wax will hurt at first but pain lessens after a few trips. There might be redness for about a day. Results are good and last 1-2 weeks. I went to a beauty salon for years (definitely the best way to start) but I now maintain my own! I tried a Brazilian – hurts like hell – that’s coming from someone who’s waxed for years. I won’t be doing that again! Good luck!

Katie: Love em. They don’t hurt that bad… Like ripping off a bandaid. That was um… Sticking to hair. 🙂 My skin handles this MUCH better than shaving, though I would’ve recommended that you started going regularly a couple months in advance to get “acclimated.”

Aliza: Avoid it all together and find short bottoms instead.

The Wedding Date:I would express my opinion but given the circumstaces, I believe my objectivity would be compromised in this matter….lol!

Megan: Anything that starts with the advice to take a painkiller an hour before? Ouch.

Brian: when I had my brazilian last year….. wooosa! 🙂

Irene: Oh, man, don’t do it if you have even remotely sensitive skin. t’s not gonna be fun jumping in salt or chlorinated water after a wax, trust me, LOL. I live in Florida, so it’s bikini season all year round here…I used to wax my legs all the time. Do not venture any higher than that, LOL. In summary: wax anything but your nether regions!

Wendy: I say they hurt and I never recommend you try anything new within two to three weeks of any major event. Pack the razors and have more money for buying booze on your cruise!

Annette (again): Brazilian for me was my bright ‘when in Rome’ idea when I was in LA (it’s also known as a Hollywood wax). It took off more than just hair and there was blood… granted it was just a few tiny specks but still… Ouch, ouch, ouch! And I hated the look. Never again I tell you! That’s one LA experience I’ll never forget LOL

Victoria: Do it. There is nothing worse than razor bumps.

Faith: For me, I did it once- and yes, it did hurt, was expensive, and it did leave me a little red.

Pam: Hi Faith! we used to work together, years ago now.

Becky: Blue wax is the way to go. Still hurts, but much less so. Check out Heads and Tails near Rittenhouse…very professional and good prices $60 for a full Brazillian. Get it done a few days before the cruise to give you time to heal.

Who knew there was so much to say about pubic hair?

In the end, I wimped out (saving money for drinks might have had something to do with it too…) and made my way to Target for a bottle of hair removal cream.  The result was… well, a bit less precise that I was hoping for but it did the trick.

And now I promise to get back to serious blogging on Wednesday.

6 Responses to “36 Ways to Deal with Unwanted Pubic Hair”

  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the insight! And although you stated “….back to serious blogging on Wednesday,” we actually find this to be a relevant and popular topic on GirlsAskGuys! 🙂

    I’m always surprised by the positive response from women – but I suppose beauty = pain! That’s definitely NOT a new concept, lol. I see from the general response to your Facebook post, your readers voice similar opinions.

    On a poll on our site, “What’s the best option for a bikini wax?”, 40% of women said Brazilian, 20% said regular, 20% said full nude, 13% said French, and 7% said full.

    Please give us an update as to what you decided, and how it went!


  2. Chicago-Style Girl

    I’ve been considering getting waxed for a while now, but I’ve been too much of a punk. The husband is in support of the idea, so I guess we’ll see.

  3. dieta

    Absolutely do it. It hurts, yes, but the pain lasts only a few seconds and then you don’t have to worry about shaving for weeks. Get it done a few days before your cruise. If you do it too early, you’ll have slight regrowth during the cruise. And also… the Brazilian part actually hurts less than the regular bikini waxing part. I went for a Brazilian for the first time this year and was really surprised how not horrible it was.

  4. overthinkingmind

    I loved this! I’ve been considering waxing too as I’ve never had in before, pretty terrified though, also, the thought of some stranger digging around down there makes me cringe a bit, I think I’d feel like I have to spend the day before ‘making myself presentable’ before I ventured to go. Some of the comments were rather helpful though 😀 may just give it a try!


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