Bermuda Bound

By the time you read this, The Wedding Date and I will be off to Bermuda!  I’ve already lost my passport, only to discover that I had placed it in the outer pocket of my suitcase specifically so it wouldn’t get lost while I was get my carryon ready, but I think all systems are a go now.

Plus, I have not three wide brimmed beach hats.

And how you can go wrong with three wide brimmed beach hats?  They’re rather impractical (Samantha Jones never mentioned that in Sex and the City…) and I can barely see out from underneath them but they match my bathing suits and that’s what really matters.

Now, rather than go on and on about my next way cool earrings or how many pairs of shoes I’m bringing, I’d like to share a few pieces I written for a website called

I love talking about dating, and I love telling people what to do, so it’s an awesome gig.  Plus, I get to do arts and crafts (see below).

HotDateIdeasDating U: Are You Ready for a Relationship?




handmade picture frame

Make Your Own Custom Photo Frames




Enjoy!  And please comment, or at the very least share so my editor will see what a smart man he was to hire me 🙂

PS: I’m NOT bringing my laptop because this is my first real vacation in I don’t know how long but I’ll be posting updates when I can so stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Bermuda Bound”

  1. sarahnsh

    I’m so excited for you and the Wedding Date and your vacation! Bermuda I’m sure is going to be amazing, you will have so much fun and I’m looking forward to hearing about it when you come back. Oh, and please stay away from any funny looking chairs so neither of you guys end up getting hurt on your fun vacation, just saying! 😉


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