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The Problem with Vacuuming in the Nude

Evidently my grandmother used to vacuum in the nude.  I won’t tell you how I came across this little tidbit of information but I will tell you this: it’s genetic.

naked housework

It all started a few Saturday mornings ago when I woke up and realized that if I did not get out bed that very minute and vacuum the house before heading to Manhattan for the day, my parent’s would probably disown me (and seeing as my parents are also my landlords, I’d end up being not only disowned but also homeless).

So I got out of bed, and as it’s too hot to sleep in anything more than a pair of underwear this time of year, I threw on my robe and got to work.

But my robe is rather thick.  Like hotel-quality thick, with long sleeves and a navy terry cloth belt.  By the time I’d finished the first two floors, I was beginning to… you know… sweat.  I realized I had a choice: I could stop vacuuming, take a shower and change into something a bit more suitable for housework, or I could simply strip and finish the job in my birthday suit, just like my grandmother used to.

Obviously, I chose the latter.  I was home alone, after all, and I hate vacuuming.  I knew that if I stopped to take a shower, I’d never finish.

So I stripped down to my underwear and finished the main floor in record time.  I made my way down the steps, and into the office on the first floor without incident.  But when I headed into the guest room, which has not one but two windows facing the street, I found myself face to face with a garbage man who was sitting in his truck just a few feet beyond the window pane.


I’m not sure what my grandmother would have done had she found herself in this sort of situation but I dropped to my knees and crawled out of the bedroom, up the stairs and back into my robe.

I mean, what other choice did I have?

8 Responses to “The Problem with Vacuuming in the Nude”

  1. thehairyhoudini

    NB: vacuuming in underwear does NOT count as naked in England – you either do it nude or clothed. In our family – it’s nude in summertime, and clothed in 15 layers the rest of the year! And regards your eyes meeting a rubbish (garbage) collector through the windows? Well, I follow this rule – if YOU look away first and keep your head down, then they’re the pervert for staring, and so you don’t know they’re staring, ‘cos you’re looking down… everyone’s happy. : )

  2. carfreeinthechristmascity

    Many years ago I lived on the top floor of an apartment building. My bedroom window faced the main drag. Coming out of the shower one day I glanced down to the street and noticed a man staring at my window as he walked. Yes, I learned that one’s windows are never too high up for blinds. And yes, I stopped in my tracks and defiantly stared right back. I still chuckle when I think about how fast his head turned.

    • Kat Richter

      Whoops! And here I was thinking I’d be okay if I’d simply been a few flights up. Just goes to show you’re never safe– LOL!

  3. thehairyhoudini

    Vacuuming in underwear does NOT count as nude vacuuming in the UK. You need to be a lot braver to get a rise out my eyebrows here in England! And my response to coming face to face with a workman in your underwear? Well -if you avert your eyes and look away, then a) you can no longer be embarrassed cos you can’t see his face and b) he’s the the one in the wrong for staring, not you for being scantilly clad or naked IN YOUR OWN HOME! : )

  4. Wilma

    When I saw the title, I braced myself for a story of you and TWD spicing things up with some role-playing and having it all go wrong like the chair incident. Although, that might bring new excitement to the blog, I’m glad to see everyone is ok.

  5. Landlord

    ahem, the grandmother mentioned (and notice we are not saying which one) did the task in her b’day suit, so on her end it would count in the UK 😉


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