Friday Facebook Round Up

It’s Friday!  Which means you’re probably looking for amusement rather than a long-winded diatribe on umbrellas or Body Pump or the Senior Prom.  So here you go: the very best of this week on Facebook (because getting caught reading someone’s blog at work is way better than getting caught Facebooking.)

funny cell phone message

Shared by my friend and fellow tap dancer Pam

funny polar bears

Shared by my friend Jen who works for the EPA- I hope my TBEX teammates like this one!

funny wine bottle image

Shared (if I remember correctly) by my ethnomusicology friend Jeff; this one’s for you, Mom! (And Eileen)

pole dancing illustration

Shared by my friend and fellow dance anthropologist Debbie– I think you have a new subject for your PhD!

7 Responses to “Friday Facebook Round Up”

  1. debwill72

    I put up deep and meanigful Early Morning Buddhist Inspiriations every day and you chose this to highlight? What WILL people think! (He He… This is the one that I would have chosed as well. It was pretty funny!)

    • Kat Richter

      Hah! These are the antidote to your super-deep Buddhist inspirations 🙂 (Not that I don’t like them, but they require way too much thinking sometimes! LOL)

  2. Landlord

    Did you leave your father’s favorite for another Friday? LOL


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