Mistaken Identity at the Cocktail Hour

A word of advice to all the men out there: if you’re going to date one woman while you’re quasi-dating another, and you choose to invite the latter to a family function after you’ve already brought the former to an earlier event, you should issue some sort of memo to all of your relatives.

Said memo should read:

Attention aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and other interested parties:

(Especially those who are getting up there in years…)

Please note that the girl I’m bringing to my brother’s wedding is NOT the same girl I brought to So-and-So’s anniversary party earlier this year.

To avoid confusion (and errant wine glasses being hurled in my direction) please refrain from mentioning She-Whom-Accompanied-Me-The-Last-Time.


Date #7

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You’ll be pleased to note there were no wine glasses thrown (I am, after all, a woman of dignity, and my aim’s not all that great.  I might have accidentally taken out one of parmesan cheese wedges on the antipasto table and I was rather fond of those cheese wedges).

One of Date #7’s elderly uncles did, however, mistake me for his nephew’s previous Plus One.

“Ah yes!” he exclaimed as the requisite introductions were made.  “I remember you.  You’re the schoolteacher!”

“Yes!” Date #7 replied, a little too eagerly.  “That’s right.  Kat’s a schoolteacher.”

Well folks, I am not a schoolteacher.  I teach dance, yes, and I teach creative movement to preschoolers five mornings a week but I am not a school teacher.  That was and Date #7’s previous Plus One, not me.

Being the experienced thespian that I am however, I laughed it off.  I had, after all, resolved to enjoy myself at the wedding— regardless of the inevitable awkward moments—and it was, in truth, pretty funny.

Especially when I turned to Date #7 and whispered under my breath, “A schoolteacher?  Nice save.”

The Best Man actually managed to catch the entire thing on my camera.  (Perhaps he knew the back story and was simply waiting for me to make a scene?  And no, before you ask, Date #7 doesn’t really have a gray oval for a head.)

Part 1

Me and my "old friend" Date #7's uncle

Part 2

Cocktail party

"I remember you! You're the schoolteacher!"

Part 3

Cocktail Party

Happy as a clam

Part 4

Tyler Arboretum

Me and Date #7's foot

Mind you, the reception, the near drowning, the shrapnel and my first dance with Date #7 have yet to come.

12 Responses to “Mistaken Identity at the Cocktail Hour”

  1. Zak

    I’m relieved date #7 doesn’t have a gray oval for a head.

    You look great in the photos.

    • Kat Richter

      Haha– wait till I tell that I paid like ten bucks for that jacket at a thrift store! And the flower? A one dollar flea market find 🙂

  2. Rachel

    This is just like a soap opera! You’re going to take this into next week, aren’t you? 🙂 With your writing talent, have you considered writing a script? Sitcoms are making a comeback.

    • Kat Richter

      Haha… well, seeing as I’m not scheduled to see The Wedding Date again until next month, I just might have to! Not much else to talk about… 😦

  3. stevesw

    “And no, before you ask, Date #7 doesn’t really have a gray oval for a head.” Sorry, I think the picture is correct; he has an empty balloon for a head. And you have displayed one fantastic sense of humor! And, nice outfit.

  4. Lost in France

    Always difficult family occasions, well other peoples family occasions, when plus ones can often get confused.
    As all other have observed, you look great and your feet do not look at all muddy


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