The Great Date Experiment Anniversary Extravaganza: $300 for your Stickiest Situations!

The Great Date Experiment

Remember Date #1?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my Great Date Experiment.  My initial plan, as many of you know, was to date 30 men in three months.  Did this happen?  Not quite (men and “fieldwork” are a dangerous combination, it turns out) but it’s been an interesting ride, complete with copious amounts of Chardonnay (mind you, I only pretend to like Chardonnay) and more sticky situations than I care to count.

A sensible young lady would take this opportunity to tell you all the things she’s learned over the course of the past twelve months—that her appetite for men has been satiated after 59 dates and that she’s planning, a la Samantha Jones, to concentrate on her relationship with herself for the foreseeable future—but where’s the fun in that?

(Plus, I’ve already agreed to spend the weekend in Pittsburgh with Date #7 later this month and I’ve always preferred Carrie to Samantha…)

To celebrate, I’ve teamed up Mitchum and their new “Love Thy Pits” campaign.  For me, this means a free stick of their new Advanced Control™ 48-hour protection antiperspirant/deodorant (and you thought your life was glamorous!) but for the rest of you, it’s much more exciting.

In fact, you could win one of TWO $150-gift certificates to YOUR FAVORITE department store!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

Even if you haven’t spent the past year trying to squeeze three dates into one day or juggling four men at any given time, you’ve undoubtedly experienced some sticky situations of your own.

Maybe your date lied about his age and turned out to be 25 years your senior (as mine did last August)?

Maybe your date’s roommate answered the door in his boxers (as mine did last October)?

Maybe you loaned a former flame a library book and its return somehow led to a different sort of renewal (don’t ask—I’m still a bit uncertain on the chronology with that one)?

I could go on (after all, I’ve listed only the faux pas that occurred on American soil…) but it’s your turn:

What’s the stickiest, most stressful, sweat-inducing situation you’ve ever been through?

(I’ll reveal mine sometime later this week.)

  • In order to participate, all you need to do is share you story through the comments box below AND/OR on the wall of my new Facebook page.  I’ll be picking one winner from this post’s comments and one from my Facebook page so you can double your chances of winning by posting your entry in both places!  (A hint for the technophobes out there: in order to post on my Facebook page, you need to “Like” it first.)
  • Your story need not be date-related, although I do have a soft spot for awkward moments of the romantic variety (especially if you’re intending to use your gift certificate to put together a great date outfit)!
  • Entries are due by August 10th and I’ll announce our winners on August 11th, my birthday.

Please share the link to today’s post with your friends—this is the first time I’ve ever held any sort of promotional giveaway here at After I Quit My Day Job (good thing I really am a sucker for “Fresh Defense™” technology!) but if it goes well, it won’t be the last.  Think of it as my way of saying “Thank you!” for putting up with me and my online dating shenanigans 🙂

Also before I forget, a quick note for all of my international readers: Don’t worry— I’ve not forgotten about you!  Winners will receive gift certificates in the amount of $150 USD but if your entry is selected, we can arrange for a gift certificate to an American-based company that ships internationally.   

So: your very stickiest sticky situation.  Ready… get set… go!

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[Please note: this contest is now closed– thanks to everyone who entered!]

62 Responses to “The Great Date Experiment Anniversary Extravaganza: $300 for your Stickiest Situations!”

  1. Zak

    I’m game! This was originally posted on my blog, here., but I’ll put it here, too. Hope that’s alright.

    The “Med Chick” was so cute looking online. We had rushed through the eHarmony messaging system and gotten to “open communication” fast, so I knew she and I were interested in each other. I had called to set up the date Sunday night, and it didn’t take much to agree to meet Monday night. The biggest negative this girl has going (at first) for her is that she has two cats – I’m allergic to cats.

    So Med Chick and I met at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza restaurant in Tinsel Town. I got the steak calzone and she got soup and a stuffed portabella mushroom. And that was the highlight of my date. Seriously.

    There was practically nothing to talk about. She was so uninteresting. I know this is bad karma and God is going to strike me down or something, but…it was bad. I had no idea what to talk about, and everything I mentioned or asked her about was pretty much dead on arrival. I know it’s not me – I mean, it could be “us” – because every other date I went out with I was able to at least converse comfortably. Even Banker Chick was more exciting. A lot more exciting. Oh great, just strike me down now, if you’re gonna do it!

    Nothing? Okay, I’ll continue.

    I brought up cats. She talked about cats. She kept looking at me. I told her about my parent’s cat. My sister’s cat. The cats I grew up with. My friend’s cat. I was running out of things to mention about cats. Eventually we switched topics: to shoes. She went on about her payless adventures. It sounded less like a thrifty girl and more like an obsession.

    Ready to strike me down yet?

    No. Okay then.

    The plan was to meet for dinner and then go bowling. After dinner I asked if she still wanted to go bowling, but she asked if we could just stay longer and talk.

    About what!?!

    I almost felt bad. I didn’t know what else to talk about. I think we talked about facials and dermatology or something. She wanted to switch careers. I could care less. After about ten more minutes, with the waitress staring me down and me thinking more and more what the hell am I doing here. I could just make a run for my truck and be outta here! She’d never catch me, I finally asked if she’d like to leave. She said, if you’re ready.

    Oh, I was ready like 45 minutes ago. God’s gonna punish my ass for that one! Right?

    We walked to the parking lot and all I could think of was please don’t ask to go bowling now. Luckily, she didn’t. I said goodbye and practically sprinted for my car.

    Worst date yet.

  2. Tiff

    I was supposed to go out with one of my best friends but canceled on her because this guy I’d had a HUGE crush on for AGES finally asked me out. I told her I was sick and then headed to the movies… well guess who was there? My best friend. That took some explaining!

  3. Philly Tap Teaser

    One of the few guys I dated before meeting Dale was this Catholic weirdo whose main goal was to get married, (to whom, he didn’t much care), have lots of kids as per the Catholic decree to eschew birth control, and keep his wifey-wife at home in the kitchen where she belonged. After a few dates, I realized how creepy he was, and I spent a lot of time trying to dump him. He never got the picture. In fact, during my Easter spring break one year, he showed up at my parent’s house, unannounced, and proceeded to overstay his welcome by about 3 hours. (That’s another funny story). Anyway, even though this guy was a total d-bag, I still cringe when I think about how I ended up dumping him. He sent me some sort of email asking me if we could get together. For those of you who remember the dark ages of TELNET, an old email account system run through Linux and which required you to hit the right letter command in order to send, reply, or delete messages, you might see where this is going. So, I I hit ‘f,’ which would have forwarded the message to my college roomate. In the “forward,” I wrote this scathing response about how much this guy annoyed me, how clueless he was, how much I wished he would fall off the face of the earth, and etc. But, actually, I hit “reply all,” and my lovely little note went to him as well. I didn’t realize I had done that until he wrote me back and told me exactly what he thought of me. 🙂 I screamed with horror, then I drowned my sorrows in a tub of ice cream. The upside was that I never heard from him again!

  4. Wendy

    Worst date ever had to be one of my eHarmony match ups. I met someone who was a former heavy person (having lost 50 lbs myself I was kind of excited to meet someone who’d been there). Unfortunately as I found out during our dinner at a Cuban restaurant he’d developed a bit of an eating disorder. Just kept shoving food around his plate, and then guilted over two bites of bread for the rest of our date. Said suitor refused to drive into DC, so we took the metro to the comedy club where we had tickets for the show. Apparently he resorted to punching his company in the arm when something was funny…so I spent the night ducking jabs and trying to keep my cool as I tried to enjoy the very funny comedian we were seeing. I got motion sick on the way home, managed to avoid a good night kiss. However when I refused a second date on the following Saturday, he e-mailed me from a facility on Monday saying he had committed himself…

    I tried the whole nice “lets just be friends” thing, but that ended in me getting some crazy nasty e-mails saying I was “too picky” to settle down with anyone. Not anyone sir, you.

  5. Lost in France

    My worse moment so far, is really a technological one. Caller ID to be precise, worse than that, picture caller ID, and to rub salt in the already open wound, a phone that announces the name of a recognised caller, before it starts to ring.
    So bring date back to mine, we go upstairs, and as is normal for me i drop my phone in to its docking station on the bedside table.
    Just as things are getting hot and heavy, who else should chose to ring, but the Ex wife.
    I did not stop to answer the phone, but it still had the effect of an ice cold bucket of water being thrown over my date.

  6. Marilyn Wons

    When working my last job, I had a boss that lied constantly to clients. It was my job to be a spin doctor. I could not deal with her constant lies and brown nosing. That was no way to run a business so I quit.

  7. Linda Tice

    Its not a date story. but a sticky situation. I had been married about 7 years. We had our ups and downs but everything seemed fine. We went to my inlaws for Thanksgiving. It seemed a bit tense which was unusual. I was actually thinking my mil, who i adored was sick and not telling.

    So, this is western new york, where you start the car and start cleaning it off a while before you can actually leave. My ex went out to start the car. My inlaws, heard the door shut and thought we left.

    And thats when my mil broke out in near hysterics because she caught my ex and his high school sweetheart(we were in our 30s) doing the nasty in the barn the week before and she was upset she couldn’t tell me.

    The looks on the family’s face when I rounded the corner of the kitchen were priceless. So way mine probably.

    and that is how my ex became my ex.

  8. sarahnsh

    I was going to move in with my then boyfriend and he was down for like a week at where I lived since we were in a long distance relationship. I had given him an ultimadum with either we get engaged, or the relationship is over. I wasn’t having one of us moving (and I certainly wasn’t moving, his family hated me) but there was no ring and he really didn’t want to do it, but said he would anyways.

    So, we saw some apartments together and had this huge fight because I was going to be a student, and had no money, so I didn’t want to be on the lease. We were together in the shower and he was talking again about the lease and other things with the relationship. I knew that I was at the point where the relationship needed to be ended, but I didn’t want to do it, so I just started crying.

    It was kinda like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ with the scene where she breaks up with him while he’s in his towel. I ended up saying that we should take a break to decide things and where we wanted to go. I then broke up with him about a week or so afterwards.

  9. Fiercely Yours

    Valentines Day 1994

    I worked double shifts at my minimum wage job for two months so I could arrange the “most perfect romantic date ever.”

    The plan: To send my new love interest on a treasure hunt where the clues would eventually lead her to a fine Italian restaurant. There she would find me sitting with three-dozen red roses and an oversize stuffed monkey embracing a heart that read, “be mine.” After dinner, we would walk outside to find a horse and carriage waiting for a romantic trot around the city…happily ever after, right?

    Instead: My date shows up with her X and her X’s new girlfriend. Table for three (including monkey) turns to a round table of five. I’m stressed because I don’t know who is going to pay for the additional meals. After desert, The X offers to pay for us all and I feel angry, nice show-up. I offer polite debate not wanting to pay anyway and concede.

    Needing a break, I tell the gang I’m taking monkey and roses to the car and will meet them outside. My horse is right on time so I take the roses to the car and then wait in buggy with monkey, happy to finally be alone with my date.

    When she sees the carriage she is ecstatic and my heart is beaming, until she invites the other two, who excitedly climb aboard. WTF!? My date sits with The X across from me and monkey and The X’s girlfriend who is a ding-dong.

    As we round the corner, everyone starts laughing and I start feeling insecure that it’s about me. I’m wrong, they only SKIPPED OUT ON THE CHECK. My heart begins to race and I am terrified that we’re going to be arrested in a matter of moments. Not only was the reservation under my full name, but also our get-a-way vehicle was wearing blinders.

    In the end, the three of them went out dancing for the rest of the evening and I returned to the restaurant to pay all but fifty dollars and made a promise to return the next day with the rest. They took all of my information and I borrowed the cash from my boss to pay off my debt with another promise to work extra shifts.

    To this day, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    • Landlord

      Is this for real? If so, I hope you no longer associate with them, what a nightmare they all are, wow, this one has moved up the list for sure…sheesh! How did she end up bringing them anyway? You don’t say if you broke up with her? Do tell—

      • Fiercely Yours

        Yes, a true story. On that night she claimed she had already committed to being their designated driver for the evening and had to bring them along as to not interfere with their Valentine plans. She thought she was quite clever in solving her dilemma and also told me they were joking about the bill not knowing I went back to pay.

        I, being a doormat, did not break up with her and as a matter of fact- went through a couple more humiliating experiences before she finally broke it off with me. Once in a while we still pass a friendly hello through some form of social media. Thanks for the questions, it’s good therapy 🙂

        • Landlord

          Argh…you are well rid of them all, what a user! Thanks for answering the questions, I am the inquisitive one in the family 😉 Love trying to figure out how people work~

  10. politeandparanoid

    My freshman year in college I would sometimes have my upperclassman suite mate read my essays. I was taking Intro to Psychology at the time, and the Professor asked us to write about what we had learned in college thus far. I had a HUGE crush on my French TA the semester prior, so I wrote a little something about having a thing for your teachers. I highlighted it in pink so that I would delete it after my friend read it. I remembered to delete it before I emailed it, but I didn’t save the changes before I emailed.

    I got a really weird response email from him. I sat there and read it over several times, and I went to tell my suite mate what he had said. As I was saying it aloud, I curled up in the fetal position on the floor realizing my mistake. I dropped the class b/c I couldn’t look the guy in the face. He was engaged, and I wish I could remember what that email said, but I think my brain is protecting me from that horrible memory.

  11. Landlord

    I think since Dennis is taking the easy route, he has to repost on your Facebook as well. 🙂

  12. Stephanie LoCicero

    wow would loveit. my son need nnew shoes for school……

  13. Theresa H

    My stickiest situation has been the last year….I have been trying to figure out the dating scene again after being with my ex for over 2 decades. I didn’t date much before him. I have no idea if somebody likes me or how to move forward in letting somebody I think they are cute.

  14. Pat

    He had a PhD. and seemed intelligent, caring. Gradually I discovered that in his off hours he was a ballet dancer. And gay. Don’t know why he wasted his time on me, just glad we parted ways in time.

    • becky119

      OMG!!! I thought I was the only one who ever dated a guy who was a ballet dancer and turned out to be gay! I’m not alone!! Of course, my guy didn’t even have a PhD, or seem all that intelligent. I was tipped off to his sexual preference when he told me after our first kiss that he didn’t like when GIRLS went down on him. I needed a little clarification on that point, but got out quick once I realized what he was saying. *sigh*

  15. Amanda S

    About five years ago in college, a guy I really liked had finally asked me to go out one Friday night. I had already made plans with my friends to go to a club. The other problem was that they really didn’t like him. So I didn’t want to tell them I was going out with him instead. So I lied and told my friends that I was going to my friend Briana’s house while I was really going out with Mr. X. Let’s just say me and the guy ended up at the same club that night as my friends who had decided to switch up their plans last minute. When I literally bumped into my friends that night they were not too happy and they actually walked away from me as I was stuttering to explain what I was doing there with him. I was left standing there, very embarrassed attempting to tell Mr. X why they were so upset with me over just breaking plans.

  16. Judith

    After I had been dating my boyfriend for only two weeks, he took me home to meet his entire extended family who had gathered together to meet his “fiance”.

  17. Denise B.

    The most stressful, stickiest situation I have ever been in were eight years of divorce and custody battles in court.

  18. Elizabeth

    After dating for the better part of 3 years, my boyfriend and I broke up. He was the love of my life. Let me mention that I broke up with him for reasons that had to do with my parents, lack of communication, and timing. They seemed like big deals. We were still “friends”, and I could deal as long as he was still a part of my life. Mostly, I just stalked him on facebook. He was too broken-hearted to talk with me on any kind of regular basis. Well about 4 months after we had broken up, he sent me a message explaining that he was defriending me. He was having difficulty moving on and it was in part to seeing everything anytime someone contacted me. I know that might sound weird, but we have a huge amount of mutual friends. I was completely devastated. I wrote him back, and then he called me. We talked about a lot of things, but couldn’t come to a solution. The last thing he said was that he still loved me and he always hoped that one day I would show up on his doorstep ready to live life together, but that he was 95% sure it was never going to happen. After that conversation I realized I needed to get it together and figure out what I wanted. I took another 4 months doing just that. I spent a lot of time soul searching and praying. One day I realized I was miserable, and I didn’t want to live my life without him. Yes, we might have obstacles to overcome. Yes, there would be hard times. However, I wanted him to be by my side through them.
    He lived nearly 10 hours from me, and I had an internship 5 days a week I couldn’t miss. The next Saturday I had a final in the morning… I asked his roommate where they lived (and swore him to secrecy)… got in my car and drove. Walked up to their door and panicked. It was winter, but I was sweating. I hadn’t thought of the fact that he might have met someone else. I had not even considered that he might not want to be with me anymore. I also hadn’t taken into account that he might slam the door in my face. I did, after all, break his heart. After giving myself a pep talk, I knew that I had to know either way. I knocked on his door, and he let me in. He asked me what I was doing there. We spent a lot of time talking, crying, and talking some more. Currently, we are engaged and getting married in 61 days. I love him more now than I thought was possible. The scariest thing was knocking on his door. That’s my “Mitchem” moment!

  19. sandra

    It took me seven years to save up money to finally buy a car of my own. I recently asked an old friend of mine, who is a mechanic, to help me look for an good used car. We found a car that looked pretty good and I bought it. I follow my friend back to my house on the freeway to finish the rest of the paperwork to transfer ownership and to get different quotes on car insurance for my car. Less than 30 minutes from purchasing my car I get into a car accident getting out of the freeway because I had problems with my brakes. I hit my friend’s car from the back and he hit the car that was in front of him. My car was pretty mess up from the front and I didn’t have any insurance because I was planning on getting it when I got home. So I have to pay out of pocket for the accident and most of my money went into buying the car. Now I am just waiting to see if my license gets suspended. I feel so screwed.

  20. MichelleS

    I have a few; one is my best friend Tyler admitted to me (when we were both single and met up at the Hancock building in Chicago) he later revealed to me that he almost kissed me. That would have been great seeing as my mom was with us haha.

    Second one: Nothing TOO horrid, just uncomfortable situations.

    I had been broken up with my bf for some time and I’m a friendly person , I’ll say hi to everyone. Well, sigh, that was the wrong thing to do. I soon gained a follower. It wasn’t like he was a creepy one. We went to the same school, church, I like inviting everyone places so no one feels left out. Things were going find until our college formal when he saw me, made a beeline for me, and had to have a picture with me. Then he decided he needed to sit by me inside during the night. Then it developed into him asking me what church service I was going to (early or late), and he kept inviting me to do things. I guess I should have said no? Well, it got to the point when I was like, this won’t do so I personally was the one who freaked out on him to scare him away. I could have done it in a more ladylike way, but I wanted him away, and wanted him to understand to leave me alone.

  21. Gayle C

    My stickiest situation was when an unpleasant Ex, a waning current and a future honey were all in the same restaurant dining room with me. None knew about the other but I still sat there sweating bullets.


  22. Kayte CookWatts

    My stickiest dating situation is long passed, so I can laugh about it instead of cringe. I had met a really hot guy in a club- and gave him my number at the end of the night. To be fair,not much deep conversation was going on- flirty small talk and dancing mostly, but I thought he was hot & wanted to see him again. He called a few days later to set up a date and again-we talked briefly. It was just enough for me to get excited about seeing him.Well, on the night we were going to catch a movie- he was running 45 minutes late. I was beginning to think he stood me up.He called and assured me he was indeed on his way over- he had fallen asleep after donating blood so he would have enough money to take me to the movies.I was so horrified I started to laugh uncontrollably. He didn’t sound like he was joking at all.I told him blood letting certainly wasn’t required to date me and then called him back five minutes later with “a horrible headache.”
    kaytewatts AT aol DOT com

  23. KB

    You actually were witness to the first part of my story! We went on a cruise with our families many years ago and in the process… met some boys 🙂 We hung out with them for the majority of the trip and Kevin and I developed crushes on each other. He kept talking about how he was in a band and 14-year-old me thought that was just sooooo cool. We kept in touch for months after the trip, calls and emails and what not… and he was telling me how his band kept getting better and better and how they had all written songs for their girlfriends. So he tells me he wrote a song for me. A few.days later he sends me a cd and tells me that track 5 is the one written just for me. It’s a very sweet song and I totally melt 🙂 The rest of the cd was pretty good too. Fast forward about 6 months and I go on a little road trip with some friends. As we listen to one of the girls’ cds in the car, all of a sudden I hear a song from what I think is Kevin’s band…. Turns out, he had burned a cd of an actual band and tried to tell me he had written the songs! What a devastating realization… especially after I had spent part of the trip telling them about this really cute guy from many states away who had written me a love song! Needless to say, the next conversation I had with him where I called him out on his little bluff was incredibly entertaining!

  24. Katharina

    Your question brought back a totally nasty memory for me 🙂 but since there’s a lesson in it that someone else may benefit from, I’ll tell it anyhow. Sticky situation for sure.

    I didn’t date much in high school, so when I was 18 and about to graduate, a guy from school asked me out. I was overjoyed (first error). He wanted to meet at a nearby gas station instead of picking me up (second error… I didn’t see a red flag in that behavior). But… I walked to the gas station.. it was a DATE, after all.

    He drove to a secluded area (not error because I couldn’t do anything at that point… this is NOT going where it sounds like it will go.) He pulled out a flashlight and reached for something in the glove compartment and I thought “well, this is it, I’m gone.” But he had pamphlets.. about many species in the animal kingdom. I’m freaked out by then and he starts talking about how everything in the animal kingdom “has relations”…. and ended with “even ants do it!”

    I said “maybe ants do it, but I’m not about to” and insisted I be driven home. Well, to the gas station, and I cried the whole walk home realizing how lucky I was to BE going home. Sorry if this was too long or too graphic, but I hadn’t thought about it in a few years and it’s still as creepy as it was then. 😦
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  25. newyorkcliche

    My stickiest situation: Discovering the guy I was seeing had left his diary (yes, he kept a “diary” and called it such) in his open bag on my bedroom floor, I was faced with an unescapable: to read or not to read? I couldn’t help myself: I read. I read and discovered juvenile accounts of how he had cheated on me and then lied to my face for weeks. As the words sunk in, my entire body was overcome with shock- and for me that means a cold, clammy sweat. I felt absolutely disgusting -from betrayal and from sweat. A shower, deodorant, and my best “remember what I look like naked? You’ll never see that again!”-outfit later I was out the door. Off to confront the bastard and retrieve my favorite pair of expensive wool long-johns I had lent him that morning. I’ve never had a more stressful confrontation but it didn’t last long. I got my long-johns back, made him cry, and never saw him again. He left the country not long after and I haven’t seen him since- the happiest ending I could hope for.

  26. Brazilian

    My stickiest situation happened several decades ago when I was in my junior year in college. I had met this young lady through a friend of mine and started dating her. Nothing extreme, just the usual going to the movies, or dancing, or out for ice cream. After a few dates we started making out, but nothing heavy.

    One night, after a late movie I drove her home around midnight. The porch light was on and all inside lights wee off. After a few kisses she said that her parents were asleep and asked me if I wanted to go inside and being the kind of guy who doesn’t want to disappoint a girl I said yes.

    We went to her room, which was on the first floor and continued the kissing bit among other things…. (nothing like what you may be thinking, we were fully clothed, after all we had only been dating a few weeks).

    Suddenly, she says that she heard her father’s bedroom door open. I nearly froze with fear. She told me to hide in her walk-in closet because he usually would stop by her room to wish her good night. This I did without asking any more questions and praying to every guardian angel I could think of. Sure enough he knocked on the door, she told him to come in and he did. She had opened her dairy to pretend she was writing the events of the day. He asked the usual questions about her date and she responded, then she said she was going to bed. I waited a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, and she opened the closet door. Even though her room was air conditioned I was soaking wet.

    We whispered to each other for a few minutes to make sure her dad was back in his room and then she opened the window and I s-l-o-w-l-y climbed out. I got in the car, put the key in the on position, placed the transmission in neutral and let the car slide down the drive way a few yards before starting the engine and driving home.

    It took at least an hour before I fell asleep and had nightmares.

  27. Amanda R

    I went to a party with a good friend of mine once, celebrating one of his coworker’s birthdays… before I had ever met anyone from his office. Also, he works for a prestigious video game company. So there I was, meeting all of these people that I knew plenty of friends of mine would kill to meet, and I was so awkward in front of them. I couldn’t really talk to them because I didn’t KNOW them! Meanwhile, they’re making jokes about topics like Johann Gutenberg (inventor of the printing press) and it’s like, “I can’t imagine anyone else I know being here in my stead, because it’s just by luck their jokes don’t go over MY head.” I was relieved when we left. They were nice people, but I hardly said anything for hours because they were all strangers to me.

  28. amanda

    my boyfriend’s housemate walked in on my boyfriend and me having sex… at least we were under the covers but he attempted to hold a conversation like nothing was going on… awkward!

  29. Jill

    Bad date. My date was sweaty and split the butt of his pants when he bent over. He got nervous driving and asked me to drive his car.

  30. Rosey

    Newly divorced (six months in) my girlfriends at the court house (where we all worked at the time) decided I needed a blind date. I agreed to lunch only with a guy they all knew and swore was the cat’s meow. He showed up to my job late, so that meant lunch would have to be cut short…pushing his Harley Davidson that had broken down on the highway just before the exit to the court house. It was south Florida, mid-afternoon, so of course he was a sweaty mess. No worries…some things in life you can’t help. I put the top down on my convertible and he leans back, pulls out a flask of something ( I presume alcohol) and takes a huge drink of it…IN MY CAR!!! *sigh* It was all down hill from there…he fell asleep on the way to the restaurant and I turned the car right back around and dropped him off at his broken bike. It was the last blind date I went on, and with good reason. 🙂 He came into the court house a few months later with a friend to pay some sort of parking ticket and I saw him whispering in the ear of the guy he was with and point to me. He waved. I waved back and walked to the other side of the court house, where I stayed until I was sure he had time to get in and get out. Eesh…

  31. Susan Smith

    I went on one date with a guy who was talking online to. I arranged to meet him at a local restaurant. First he looked about 20 years older than the picture he posted. Once we sat down he keep ordering drinks for himself. As he was getting tipsy I found out he wasn’t exactly divorced yet and he actually hoped to get back with his wife. Then he talked about all of his other problems. I couldn’t wait to get out of there so I excused myself to go to the restroom which was near the door and I snuck out the door. When I got ome I saw he had email me to aske why I left. I just hit the delete button.

  32. susansmoaks

    one time we were hanging out and the cops showed up at the back door. it was frightening to say the least. turned out one roommate had called them but didn’t tell the rest of us that they were coming.

  33. Kendra

    going to jury duty when the kids were younger –with them in tow! as I had no babysitter available–had to wait for the judge to dismiss me and crying children!!! LOL

  34. Erin Cook

    My stickiest situation was when I was in college and ran into this guy who claims to be a boxer and wanted to beat George Foreman up. Well it started when I was writing a short bibliography about myself and he came over to talk. We started hanging out but nothing serious. One day he was asking me all these questions about marriage. He went away one day and came back from his tournament and said he had brought me something. I thought it was an engagement ring. I was in panic mode, luckily it was a t-shirt. Later I found out that he was married and even worse he had children of his own. I felt really uncomfortable so from then on I tried my best to prevent from running into him and when I would walk to my class I was extremely paranoid that he was following me.

  35. Sand

    It was the time I was left to take care of hamsters that escaped their cages. It was incredibility stressful!

  36. carolpie

    I ate a whole bunch of pears and then went on a date with my now hubby. My stomach was a mess, and it kept making lots of noise, and I was squirming around and trying not to let him know or hear! It was awful!
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  37. Gianna

    When my husband and I were dating I had a stalker that slashed my tires and broke my windows before we were going to go out. That night he ended up fixing my car and calming me down.


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