Writing left handed

Three Things of Great Importance (including my new deodorant)

Thing OneThree things:

Thing 1) I’m trying a new deodorant.

Thing 2) If, while reading this, you find yourself thinking, “That’s nice Kat, but really, I couldn’t care less about your personal hygiene habits,” you’ll soon discover that you’re mistaken.

I’ll explain everything on Monday but since it’s Saturday and I’m feeling generous (and I don’t want you to worry that I’m lapsing back into my ill-fated “Health and Beauty” phase) I’ll give you a little hint: there are prizes involved.  $300 worth of prizes to be exact, and no, I’m not talking about awarding dinky little speed sticks to all of my readers—I’m talking about gift certificates.  Two lovely “Thanks for stopping by!” gift certificates to a department story of YOUR CHOICE thanks to a new contest I’ve dreamed up with the lovely folks over at Revlon cosmetics… but more on that next week.

Thing 3) If, however, you don’t think you can wait until next week, then head on over to Facebook and “like” my new page, Kat Richter, Writer.”  I’ll be posting updates, contest details and the odd behind-the-scenes tidbit when the mood strikes so check it out!

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