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My Stickiest, Mitchum-worthy Moment, Part 1

Love Thy PitsAs promised, here is the story of my stickiest situation.  (Click here if you missed yesterday’s post but would still like your chance to win one of two $150 gift certificates, courtesy of Mitchum, to a department store of your choice!)

Not surprisingly, my sticky situation had to do with a boy.  Also not surprisingly it took place in London.

In order for this story to make sense, I need to explain that before I went to school in London, I spent a year at Oxford.  And although there were several years in between during which I lost touch with most of the people I met as an undergraduate, I did reconnect with a few when I returned to the UK for grad school and one invited me to join her new book club.

Ours was one of the worst book clubs in the world.  We started strong (Jack Kerouac, to be specific) but our meetings quickly turned into a monthly excuse to sit around drinking wine and discussing our love lives.  Not that I’m complaining—as an international student, I had few friends beyond my flat mates—but I had very little love life to speak of at the time.  (This was before the launch of my Great Date Experiment, mind you.)

For our third meeting, we were supposed to be discussing The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.  As usual, the majority of our book club hadn’t bothered to read the book so when my friend’s flat mate called and asked if she could join us in the park, we agreed.

Now, this flat mate had just gone through a rather difficult break up so we all did our best to convince her she was better off without the bastard.  (To tell the truth, however, I thought he actually sounded quite nice from everything the others were saying about him: tall, well-travelled, into the outdoors, etc.)

Although I didn’t know the girl, she looked familiar and my friend eventually explained that this was because we’d gone to same college at Oxford.  Of course!  I’d obviously seen her around the JCR or in the dining hall during my junior year abroad.

That mystery solved, the usual gossip ensued.  This time, however, it took a slightly different turn and before I knew it, our discussion of Sue Monk Kidd had dissolved into a recounting of on-campus hook ups from our undergraduate years.

I felt a bit left out as my friend’s flat mate proceeded to describe just where she had done what with whom.  I had nothing to contribute.  Sure, I’d spent a year at Oxford and obviously I had tried to land myself a British boyfriend in the process but I didn’t understand the hook up culture (seriously, someone ought to write a book—you’d be shocked by what “proper” Brits get up to) and returned to the US sans boyfriend at the end of my year abroad.

With nothing to add to the current line of discussion, I poured myself another glass of sangria.

And yet she went on.

So I helped myself to some nibbles.

But she wasn’t finished.

I tried to think of something I’d done during my year abroad—something naughty, or at least slightly naughty, so that I wouldn’t feel like such a loser sitting there with nothing to show for my “wild and crazy” undergraduate years—and finally it came to me:

I made out with so-and-so in the such-and-such!

(Obviously I can’t reveal the such-and-such because it would give away the name of the college and the identities of all involved.  Suffice it to say, it was dark and romantic and, you know, a few hundred years old.  Use your imagination.)

No sooner had the words left my lips than time literally stopped.

Why?  Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

In the meantime, be sure to enter my Mitchum “Sticky Situations” Contest by sharing your stickiest story here on my blog and here on my Facebook page.  Two winners will receive a $150 gift certificate to a department store of their choice, plus a free stick of deodorant (you had to see that coming) to see you through your next embarrassing moment— not that I’m wishing embarrassing moments on any of you but sometimes sh*t happens and when it does, you’ll want to be prepared, like this guy:

17 Responses to “My Stickiest, Mitchum-worthy Moment, Part 1”

  1. Zak

    Are we taking guesses? I bet that dude was her current boyfriend! Or brother. No, boyfriend!

  2. kalieta

    Haha me too, i’ll have to go with Zak 😀
    Hi! ^_^ I saw your link on 20sb and decided to stop by. I am glad I did, you seem like a very funny person and I shall come back in the future!
    Have a great week!

    • Kat Richter

      Hi Kalieta, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Be sure to enter Monday’s contest for a chance to win a $150 gift certificate– as a fellow blogger, I’m sure you’ve got some good stories!

  3. Landlord

    I have a doozy, but I have to stay out of the contest…and mine is waaaaay too sticky! Keep ’em coming kids, I have two favorite entries so far, but I know there’s got to be some more “prize” worthy ones.

  4. jennywintersconsulting

    Ugh…I’m trying to think of a sticky situation that didn’t involve me looking like a hussy. None so far. I’ll keep thinking.

    “So that time with my cousin–” Um, no.
    “So when my boyfriend knocked on the door when his roommate was in the dorm room with me–” No.

    Dorms…hmmm…I MAY have something from the archives.

  5. Mary Lynn

    Okay, Landlord — I want full details next time we’re at Hoopers. I’ll bring the wine . . . .

  6. Landlord

    @Mary Lynn, you may have already heard it, not sure, but it is certainly embarrassing, but you’re on, if you haven’t heard it.

  7. chauffeur

    Most excellent story, and as an extra, I am not involved or did not do anything dumb in this one. Not sure if Landlord can share this one, she did not even tell me until years later.

    • Landlord

      You are off the hook chauffeur, although there are some connections…can we say “DNA”? LOL


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