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So About that 50th Date…

Last week I launched my official 50th Date Challenge.  For those of you just joining us, this entailed re-writing all of my online dating profiles (yes, all three of them) to be perfectly frank about my blog, my serial dater tendencies and my desire to celebrate my 50th date in style with something (if not someone) special.

So, how’s this portion of my experiment going?  Well, in answer to your question, Kate, not very well.

Obviously this chick is NOT me, and obviously she knows something I don't know. I mean seriously, how do you get a guy to just pop out of your computer holding flowers? Clearly, I've missed something.

I’ve gotten three dozen “So and so wants to meet you!” notices from Plenty of Fish but I stopped reading these long ago.  I’m convinced that the majority of men who frequent P of F are illiterate anyway (hence their inability to compose actual emails) and I highly doubt that any of them took the time to actually read my profile.

I’ve reactivated my eHarmony profile once again and let’s just say I’m no more enamored of matchmaking services than I was the last time around.  I’ve begun the “guided communication” process with a couple of prospects but eHarmony likes to delay the courtship as long as possible so I’ll get back to you in 2023 if anything materializes between now and then.

As for Match.com?  Well, I’ve received a whopping ONE message in response to my 50th Date Challenge.  The man in question seems decent enough (and he thinks I’m “refreshing”) but he has yet to propose anything particularly spectacular for my big milestone.  He’s awfully preoccupied with being normal and seems rather hung up on the notion of us “getting to know each other first.”  Doesn’t he realize I’d rather just slap on a dress, slip into my heels and go for it?

I guess not.

It would seem that “Been there, done that, got anything else?” isn’t exactly the most direct route to a man’s heart (perhaps because it screams EGOMANIACAL PYSCOPATH!!!) but don’t worry: as always, I have a few new ideas in the works.

I’m working on a few more “types” for my ongoing (m)anthropological analysis (who knew that men were so fascinating?) so check back later this week for the Old Masters and—well actually I haven’t figured out what to call the last one yet but I will.

Until then, head on over to Simply Solo for my first official guest post.  It’s funny, it’s informative (if you want to learn how to do what I do, that is) and unlike this post, it was not written in the wee hours of the morning while I should have been finishing my latest review for the Dance Journal or—better yet—sleeping.  The post won’t publish until 8:30am, EST so if you’re still on your first cup of coffee as you’re reading this, be sure to check back later.  (And if you missed yesterday’s post at Too Darn Hot! you can check it out while you’re waiting.)


4 Responses to “So About that 50th Date…”

  1. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Many thanks for the update! At the very least the Poor Response will feed into your Manthropological studies and may even form the basis of the hypothesis that: Men can’t read between the lines. Also, outside of this particular challenge, Matchman’s conventionality might be part of his charms; makes the quirks that emerge (they always do) that little bit more charming.. And, wow you are prolific! Will go check out Simply Solo now.

  2. Jessica

    I am a brand new follower- so thanks for the update! I love the idea of this blog and how you approach it is fascinating. Can’t wait to read more!!



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