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He’s Following me on Twitter?

Date #9 is now following you on Twitter.

Now you too can follow me on Twitter. Check out my new Twitter widgets!

Well now, there’s an email I never thought I’d receive.  It’s not that I’ve never heard from one of my previous date (Date #1 proposed another rendezvous last month, Date #4 messaged me upon my return to Match.com, Date #6 continues to gchat me every once in a while and Date #7—actually, don’t get me started on Date #7.  I don’t want to jinx it.  More on that later.)

But Date #9?  Following me on Twitter?  After that whole pissed off Pre-Raphaelite debacle that comprised our third and final date?  Three letters came to mind: WTF?

For those of you just tuning in, Date #9 was the first of my Match.com contenders to earn himself a first date kiss from Yours Truly.  Date #9 also introduced me to the Raspberry Truffle White Chocolate Martini and seeing as the RTWCM has become a basic staple in my diet, I suppose I shall be forever in his debt (or rather to the bartender who fixed me said martini while I was waiting alone, in my new linen dress for half an hour while Date #9 circled the block in an attempt to find parking).

So what went wrong between me and this particular Pre-Raphaelite?  I agreed to meet him for dinner outside of Philadelphia, that’s what.

It was raining cats and dogs, I got lost on my way out to the suburbs and by the time I finally parked and found Date #9 waiting for me in a gazebo behind the restaurant, I was even later than he had been on our first date.

(Thirty five minutes late, to be exact.  A personal record.)

It went downhill from there and in typical Pre-Raphaelite fashion, he wasn’t exactly subtle in expressing his displeasure with my tardiness.  (Not only did he refuse to share his umbrella but he also criticized my lack of familiarity with some New York Times bestselling author I “ought to have known” and deposited me back in the parking lot with nary a kiss goodnight.)

He did pay for our meal, and he had brought a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate our first real dinner together but hey, sh*t happens.  Sure he was disappointed in me and whatever he’d envisioned for our third date.  Sure I should have asked him for directions instead of relying on my “I can do it myself!” navigational prowess but long story short, I didn’t, and as such we never spoke again after that night.

Now, seven months later, he’s following me on Twitter.  Dare I ask WHY?  I mean I like to think my Tweets are amusing but I suspect very few people, aside from my mother, share this opinion.

So my question for all of you today is this: what’s with this ghost of Christmas past business?  What do you do when an ex tries to friend you on Facebook or decides to follow you on Twitter?  Not that I know a lot about dating prior to the digital age but I like to think it was easier back then—cut and run, right?  But now former dates, ex-boyfriends and their subsequent girlfriends are all just a click away. What’s a poor girl (or guy) to do?

PS: I know I promised an update on my 50th Date Challenge for today but I’m running late so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Suffice it to say, this portion of my Great Date Experiment is not going terribly well.  Go figure.

PPS: Check out my new post over at Too Darn Hot: The Case of the Sequined Booty Shorts.  It’s funny.  And involves me shopping for sequined booty shorts– what’s not to love?

Happy Monday!

8 Responses to “He’s Following me on Twitter?”

  1. mydatingprescription

    In addition to my little blog, I also write for search engine optimization of blogs and product copy. Here’s my philosophy. Facebook is for friends; Twitter is for building connections between similar business interests. Therefore, you would not have him as a friend on Facebook, but your connection with him on Twitter could help build your readership since all of his followers would get your tweets too. Twitter is not necessarily about being funny. It’s more about using the right keywords to get your blog noticed.

    • Kat Richter

      Hmm… good point! SEO has never been my strong point (I didn’t even know what SEO meant until about a week ago…) Now I’ve got to go look up what those “right words” are 🙂

  2. Zak

    I have a hard time just giving up on something that felt special. Perhaps he regrets the way things ended, and while out one random night drinking with buddies mentioned you and they called him out on what a douche he was for 1) not offering his umbrella, 2) being late but then being pissed when you were late, 3) etc. Perhaps now he realizes the error of his ways – oh!, how I can tell you there’s so many things I wish I’d done differently in every relationship – and he’s trying to catch up to see if he still has a shot.

    My advice is either 1) let him if you’re interested and can get over the fact that he was a jerk, one time (from the sounds of it), or 2) ignore him and don’t pay any attention to the fact that he is following you or not.

    • Kat Richter

      I have no idea! I always have to hear names at least twice before I can remember them… and it works the same with my students which is terrible because so many of them have names I’ve never heard of before!

  3. Lalilights

    Personally I don´t understand why some people like to stay fixated on someone who they are no longer with. I mean, if it meant something and you tried and failed, what´s the point of pushing it.

    You just seem annoying. And it´s like if you don´t add them on Facebook or whatever, you are some sort of evil person. But why would you want to waste your time, pretending to be nice, when you really just want them to go away. This is why I don´t add them if they want to remain friends. My ex FINALLY got that when I ran into him at a party a few months ago. I ignored him, no matter how many times he tried to start a conversation. Now he added my friend who he cheated on me with, on facebook and didn´t even bother trying to befriend me.

    I couldn´t be happier, he was/is an idiot, I don´t care how much of a jerk I may seem to be, but I refuse to see his stupid updates.

    I support what you say.. but of course, I added a little more, that I´m not sure if you agree with… haha!


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