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Sequins, Starpower and a Stranger’s Question

May 1st?  Seriously?  When did that happen?  After April 30th, presumably, but still: I can’t believe May is here already!  Today will find me once again at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, a veritable hell hole on the side of the road in Valley Forge.  (And then we wonder why Philly has such a bed rep… the “Expo” center is little better than a warehouse!  When you add a stage, strobe lights, smoke machines and several hundred teenagers in stage make up and sequins, its gets a little bit better but only just a little.)

I’m excited about Day Two of the Starpower regionals, especially because I intend to arrive in time to actually see my students perform this time around.  Yesterday, you see, was a minor catastrophe that found me stuck behind a tractor trailer on the exit ramp off of I-76 for 45 minutes (the entire trip should have taken 45 minutes!) and swearing like a sailor.  Why?  Well, one of my co-workers had just texted me to ask “Are u here?”  Evidently the competition was running ahead of schedule (which never happens, by the way) and my juniors had already done their thing.

Here’s hoping May will bring good things, namely a competition that’s running behind schedule so that I can high tail it from Trenton (where I’m teaching Sunday School) over to the Valley Forge (where my seniors are scheduled to perform).  I spent the entire afternoon feeling like the Worst Dance Teacher in the History of the World yesterday and I’d rather a much cooler title (such as the Duchess of Cambridge).

Now, lest you think I’ve managed to go an entire post without talking about dating, rest assured: you’re wrong!  Last night, someone finally posted a question on my “Your Questions” page (and not a moment too soon.  The page has been collecting dust ever since its creation last month and I was just about to delete it; thanks Nick :))


Q: Would you ever date a guy that read your blog before actually meeting you?

A: Yes, totally!  The real question is would a guy ever want to meet me after reading my blog?  (Especially considering yesterday’s comments pertaining to my growing collection of wedding dresses…yikes!)

10 Responses to “Sequins, Starpower and a Stranger’s Question”

  1. Landlord

    Our “city” of Philadelphia has a MUCH nicer convention hall, they are not even in the same league. This one is not even in Philadelphia, don’t know why they can call it “Greater Philadelphia”. Oh well, good luck today with making it on time, although nothing can help w/ bad floors and taps not being heard (according to your tweets)

  2. Lincoln

    Would a guy want to date you /after/ reading your blog? That answer, my dear, is yes. You seem quite unique and reasonably cultured along with intelligent and classy.

    Though I oscillate about where it seems I would stand with respect to your standards (on one hand, I’m in art museums on a weekly-if-not-more frequent basis, and taking in the performing arts nearly as regularly, I know nothing of sports. On the other hand you seem to attract an entirely different social strata), I would have made such an invitation had I been able to locate contact information… You do an above average job of hiding every bit of that information. (I’m shocked by the way, and still convinced that I missed it somewhere)

    But having met someone in real life who actually clicks with me who is unique, cultured, intelligent, and classy..

    • Kat Richter

      Hmmm… in that case I won’t tell you to simply Google “Kat Richter email” and see what comes up 🙂

      But thank you (you’ve totally made me blush).

  3. Zak

    “would a guy ever want to meet me after reading my blog”

    If I lived anywhere near you, I’d have already asked you out. I wish I could find someone as open-minded and dynamic as you within my local area.


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