DNC Day #1

Being a delegate to the Democratic National Convention means making hard choices: do I avail myself of the free Bluecoat Gin at the welcome party and wake up with a hangover or do I go to bed at a sensible hour so I can make it to breakfast with the governor on time? Do I wear my pink Bernie crown today or save it for tomorrow? 

This morning I was faced with a particularly tough decision: to brave the media gauntlet for an extra tub of cream cheese or to eat the second hand of my bagel stark naked and cream cheese free? 

I chose the former. And have now granted my third interview before 9 o’clock in the morning…

Everyone wants to know if we’re going to vote for Hillary… What it will take to get us to vote for Hillary… Aren’t we giving the presidency to Trump if we don’t vote for Hillary…?

Well, for starters, it would be nice if the Hillary campaign and their delegates would stop “welcoming” us to the convention, as if it was their convention to welcome us to. We earned our status as delegates fair and square and we owe it to those who voted for us to vote for the candidate to whom we’re pledged.

Secondly, Tim Kaine? Seriously? What is “progressive” about Tim Kaine?

Thirdly I don’t really understand how you can resign from your role as chair of the DNC and still be in charge of it…

Lastly, can we stop talking about Hillary for a second? What about the issues? The truly progressive issues: opposing the TPP, implementing a $15 minimum wage that is tied to the inflation index, addressing climate change, ending mass incarceration, dismantling systemic racism and ending the need to assert that black lives matter, educating our citizens without forcing them into debt and ensuring universal single payer healthcare.

Then you’d see the Bernie camp come on board…

6 Responses to “DNC Day #1”

  1. No longer her landlord

    Exactly! I was at the Hispanic caucus, and they extolled many of the “Bernie” platform issues, followed by, “and voting for Hillary will make this possible”…I just want someone to acknowledge that he has a VOICE with people who will support a candidate who embraces these issues, not just ask us to fall in line, with no validation of what we can and will bring to the party.

    • Kat Richter

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Acknowledgement is just as big a component of the much sought and much needed party unity as anything else and Bernie has handed it to Hillary on a silver freaking platter.

  2. Fred Mirsch

    Zoning , watching action news and you popped up, love the Bernie “hat”. Way to represent .

    • Kat Richter

      Thanks 🙂 My days with CodePink taught me a thing or two about how to grab the media’s attention but after giving literally about 25 interviews on first, I was exhausted!

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    […] But let’s back up for a minute: I hit rock bottom on Wednesday night. On Monday morning, I’d learned that state delegation breakfasts are quite boring (unless Corey Booker comes to speak…) and spent the interim blogging about the media gauntlet that kept demanding to know when we Berners would fall in line. […]


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