And Then There Was Cake

Wednesday started off as another bad day. I was depressed about the results of the Pennsylvania primary, PIC was being grumpy, and even though I’d spent the previous day on a Prednisone high driving elderly folks to the polls, shuttling volunteer canvassers around town and oh yeah—voting for myself as a Bernie Delegate to the DNC (which was, admittedly, pretty cool)—Prednisone highs only last so long and I was back up at 4am again.


My mom came by later that morning to drop off an extra garment bag for me (she was appalled to find that I was storing one of my wedding gowns under a blanket on the couch while it awaits further bedazzlement).

“Hang in there,” she said. “Your day is going to get better.”

“It will not,” I replied.

But she insisted.

So I dug in my heels and told her, “No. I feel like crap.”

(I can be a real peach at times.)

Making matters even worse, my boss had texted me the night before to tell me she’d had to cancel my first tap class of the evening because my 5 year olds had a “school function.”

“What kind of school has a function for 5 year olds???” I texted back. Don’t they know its recital time? And that you do NOT come in between a dance teacher and her charges during recital time?

I attempted to rally. I really did. I made fried mozzarella sticks and played “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift but eventually I went back to bed, fell asleep in Child’s Pose (which is quite a feat, actually) and drooled all over my pillow.

Fortunately I had the forethought to wash my face and put on some make up before heading into the studio.

And I’m glad I did because it turned out that the “school function” was just a rouse (and my mom knew exactly what my boss had in store). All of my students were waiting inside for a surprise bridal shower, complete with what has to be the most fabulous cake in the universe:


(I airbrushed PIC’s name out for the purposes of this post but it was on there as well.)

In addition to a slew of super thoughtful gifts and heartfelt cards, the girls had put together a scrapbook of photos and well wishes, including this adorable little comic strip from one of my students who was too sick to come to the party but made sure to get her scrapbook page in on time:


My boss sent me home with all of the decorations too, so I’m an official Sou’ Philly bride now!


5 Responses to “And Then There Was Cake”

  1. Nadine

    So it WAS you who I voted for!! (I sort of love that I don’t know you at all, read your blog occasionally, but when I saw your name at the polls I was like, “Hmm, that sounds like the name of someone whose blog I read…”)


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