The Dream Dress: Final Answer

I’ve found my dream dress. It’s even better than my dress actually.

Technically speaking, I didn’t find it. My mom did. But it’s AMAZING.

I’m not going to describe it (PIC might be reading) but I can’t stop thinking about it, and if you watch as much Say Yes to the Dress as I do, you know that means you’ve found the one.

See? Kristen knows how it's done.

See? Kristen knows how it’s done.

The only issue is that’s it custom made so you can’t try it on beforehand and the company operates exclusively online so there’s no storefront, no fitting rooms, and no way to know for sure that it’s going to look as good on you as it does in your head.

But these things require a bit of faith right? A bit of imagination? A bit of vision?

And vision I have. Vision I have in excess.

Plus, they have a very fair and rather liberal return policy. And about a million good reviews on The Knot.

And it’s less than $1,000. Less than $500 dollars. Less than… well, less than what I’d ordinarily judge other people for spending on a wedding gown.

Still, it’s taken me a while to finally make a decision.

I’ve tried on dresses at BHLDN, Macy’s, Group USA, and David’s Bridal (remember the underwear incident?)— probably 30 or 40 dresses by now. (How the hell did that even happen???)

I’ve waffled from fit-n-flare to sheath to ball gown (yes, ball gown) and back again. I’ve considered wearing 2 dresses, 3 dresses, and no dresses at all so I can send money to a Nigerian school girl I heard about on NPR instead (because that makes total sense, right?) but eventually my mother, who is serving as our wedding planner and long suffering Will-You-Make-a-Decision-Already???-Officer finally pulled me aside and said, “Do you want my opinion?”

“Sure,” I shrugged.

“It’s your wedding day. Get the dress you want. It’s less than $500.”

“But the Nigerian school girls…”

“Yes, I know. But this dress is made locally, not in China. You’ll be supporting a woman-owned business. A minority-owned business. That’s good too. ”

She had me there.

Plus, it really is a beautiful dress. And it will save me from the sewing-project meltdown that would have inevitably taken place had I decided to try the Janet Arnold pattern on my own.

Besides, there’s nothing saying I can’t embellish it myself.


8 Responses to “The Dream Dress: Final Answer”

  1. gotwhales

    Sounds great, Kat! 🙂 Congrats! Embellishments are a great idea. Some number of years ago, I was MOH for my bff’s wedding, and on Superbowl Sunday, we sat down (ok, mostly my mom) and proceeded to stitch hundreds of purple beads onto the pearl clusters on her wedding dress so that she could have purple and white colors. Labor of love! It turned out beautifully,she looked stunning, and really, what else is Superbowl Sunday for? 😉

  2. The Prof

    Well the landlord no longer had the answer, you are supporting a local business rather than a multinational! But check that it does not hide a sweatshop!!!
    Well done!

  3. casespace

    Oh yeahhhh. I forgot you did say that you found ‘the one’ already. This is great. Love that your mom played a hand!


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