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Weekend Index: Wedding Planning Edition

Also? We will NOT be doing this.

Number of venues visited in the last 48 hours: 8

Total number of indoor water slides at Venue #6: 2

Number of venues crossed off the list: 4 (including the one with the slides; sorry folks)

Movies seen over the course of the weekend: 1 (we managed to squeeze in a partial-viewing of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation between Venue #2 and Venue #3)

Approximate minutes of Rogue Nation actually viewed: 108 (and no, we weren’t making out. We had to leave early to get to our next appointment, which means we still haven’t seen the ending so NO SPOILERS!!!)

Times PIC told me to stop dancing in my seat to the Mission Impossible theme song: 3

Times I told him, “You’re marrying a dancer! Get used to it!” 3

Number of beverages successfully sneaked into movie theater: 2

Number of homemade chef salads also successfully sneaked into movie theater: 2

Number of times PIC rolled his eyes at my sneakiness only to then eat humble pie after eating my rather fabulous chef’s salad: 1

Number of snarky comments made about the snooty staff at Venue #3 and the incompetent receptionist who was texting when we arrived: Many. (Including “We should have just stayed for the end of Mission Impossible because this place is OFF the list.”)

Number of venues we both love: 1

Price per head at said venue: Over budget…

And so it continues.

Also? We will NOT be doing this.

Also? We will NOT be doing this.

10 Responses to “Weekend Index: Wedding Planning Edition”

    • Kat Richter

      It’s exhausting, no? But congrats on picking a venue– must be a huge relief to have that sorted. Whereabouts will you be tying the knot?

      • ladymeritaten

        Yeah we were real specific about what setting we wanted so after going though all the others and ruling out ones that were too far we settled on ours. We live in Berkeley and getting married in Walnut Creek, CA.

  1. becky119

    I thought of one more tidbit of advice: TELL people you’re engaged. Out for dinner? Mention it to the waiter (free drinks , free appetizer, and a gift card at several different locations), mention it to the dentist (free teeth whitening), mention it to the bartender (more free drinks)… seriously. We got so much free stuff it was awesome.


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