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Candy Necklaces for Grown Ups, or How to Survive the Atlantic City Beer Fest

On Saturday night, I went to a beer festival with PIC. I hate beer but I love him, and one of his favorite bands was playing and it was his birthday so I donned my concert-going uniform (more on that some other time) and joined approximately 9,000 beer lovers at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Having never before been to a beer fest, I didn’t know the protocol. Like you’re supposed to wear matching t-shirts, or Viking helmets, or Scottish kilts or scrubs with signs that say things like, “Hi, My name is Dr. Hangover.”

More importantly—and this is crucial—you’re supposed to bring a necklace made of pretzels.

Who knew?

Ill-equipped as I was, I spent the majority of the evening drinking pear ciders and asking folks if I could take pictures of their edible jewelry. These ladies, for example, had both pretzel necklaces and light-up suspenders.


This guy explained to me that soft pretzels are “way better” because they’re bigger and “soak up the alcohol.” Plus you can get 20 for a dollar (or something like that.)


It is this woman, though, who takes the cake. If you look closely, you can see that in addition to the pretzels she also mini snack packs and even little sticks of beef jerky hanging around her neck. Brilliant!

snacksI decided that the next time I go to a beer fest, I am TOTALLY going to make necklace beforehand. Heck, I might even start bringing necklaces to wine tastings… a few crackers, a few cubes of cheese. Some olives for PIC.  A couple of miniature water bottles. Some granola bars. Breath mints. Chocolate. Condoms. The possibilities are endless.

13 Responses to “Candy Necklaces for Grown Ups, or How to Survive the Atlantic City Beer Fest”

  1. terrible poker face

    The fact that there aren’t already cheese necklaces for wine tastings is just beyond me. You need to make that happen. And then invite me, please.

    • Kat Richter

      I know, right? Will do! I feel like the hard cheeses would hold up especially well (Parmesan, manchego, etc) if you drilled a hole through them first 🙂

  2. Chicago-Style Girl

    Cheese cube necklaces for wine drinking? I’m in! Once you trial-and-error it, I’m jumping on that bandwagon. I wonder what’s the best type of string/twine to use…

    • Kat Richter

      Ooh I hadn’t thought of that. Obviously something classy looking… Maybe an actual necklace so it’s reusable? Yarn or twine would she fibers onto the goodies 🙂

  3. yeahanotherblogger

    Surfing the web today I found your blog. You write really well. Good articles.
    I began a blog recently and soon will be posting my first beer-related piece.

  4. followechoes

    The possibilities are endless. The chocolate one in principle sounds like an idea, maybe not on a hot day. Love the cheese and crackers idea, onto a winner there 😀


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