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Weekend Project: A Totally Free, Unbreakable Valentine’s Heart


Being a homeowner is a bit of a double edged sword. You finally have a space of your own to decorate. But you’re also paying a mortgage, which means your decorating budget is pretty much non-existent.

This is why I really like recycled crafts. And by recycled, I mean the main ingredients consist of cardboard boxes, not cardboard boxes plus $89 worth of junk from the arts and crafts store.

Given that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that not decorating is a major faux pas on my block here in South Philly, I decided to make a wreath. I already have a wreath mind you, but it’s made of dried flowers and isn’t all that sturdy and when you have a constant stream of men coming and going through your front door (contractors, electricians, sheetrockers, not to mention your dad, your brother and your boyfriend) you have to account for the fact that men don’t see a dried flower wreath and think, “Hmmm… that’s lovely! Maybe I should be careful as I carry these groceries/gym bags/pieces of sheetrock/windows/lightbulbs through the front door.”

Here was my wreath before:

December 2014 045

And here is my wreath now:

flower wreath

I know I can’t blame the drying of the flowers on the men, but I do blame them for the bald spots.  Oh how I blame them.

At any rate, I decided my Valentine’s wreath needed to be constructed of something more durable. And some more… you know… free. And what do new homeowners have in steady supply? (Aside from utility bills and bad news about the status of their renovation projects?)

Cardboard boxes!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • An old wire hanger (those really annoying ones you get from the dry cleaner are PERFECT!)
  • A piece of ribbon
  • An Exacto knife, an awl or Philip screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers

And here is what you do:

  1. Cut your cardboard boxes into strips about one inch wide (it’s easiest to do this with your Exacto knife)
  2. Cut the strips into square pieces (it’s easier to do this with your scissors)
  3. Punch holes in the middle of each square using your awl or screwdriver, turning them into little cardboard beadsbeads
  4. Unbend your hanger and straighten it out.
  5. String the “beads” on your hanger leaving a few inches on either end.
  6. Bend the beaded hanger into a heart shape and twist the ends together using your pliers. Clip the excess if there is any or just tuck the ends out of view.hanger
  7. Add a bit of flair (i.e. ribbon).
  8. Give your heart to your high school crush. Or hang in on your door so your neighbors don’t think you’re unwilling to participate in their holiday decorating efforts.heart wreathAlso, last Friday I accidentally posted twice at the same time so in case you missed for my first foray into the world of DIY blogging (or have a sudden inexplicable urge to make a Zen meditation cushion, take look).

9 Responses to “Weekend Project: A Totally Free, Unbreakable Valentine’s Heart”

    • Kat Richter

      Awesome! Send him over to my place 🙂 I want to make more but I accidentally cut my hand on a piece of cardboard (different cardboard… ceiling fan box cardboard) and now it hurts to hold scissors 😦

    • Kat Richter

      Yes! It’s super easy, I might whip up a few more this week or even add some paint to this one to make it a bit more festive at my brother’s suggestion (you know your little brother is a home owner when he starts giving you “festive” advice, lol!)


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