Writing left handed

T-One Day

I’m warning you now. In about 24 hours I am going to get very obnoxious; I am going to start posting pictures all over Facebook like people do when they get engaged but since I’ve developed a habit of doing things ever-so-slightly backwards, they won’t be of a diamond ring but rather of the keys to my new house.

no-diamond-ringI’ve spent the past few days freaking out, painting furniture, freaking out, wandering aimlessly through Ikea, freaking out, revising my syllabi for the new semester and freaking out some more. I did enjoy a brief and lovely reprieve on Monday night when I went to the European’s for dinner a movie, which turned into dinner and the US Open (and then very much not dinner and not the US Open…) but now that I have just a few final hours before plunging myself into a lifetime of debt, home repairs and—oh yes— the dizzying but euphoric realization that I will finally have a proper “room of one’s own” I am freaking out again.

I am also thinking I should probably get a haircut to commemorate the occasion. All of life’s great events should be commemorated by a good haircut. (Especially considering that my last trim took place in April, cost $18 and took all of fifteen minutes.)

Wish me luck.

6 Responses to “T-One Day”

  1. landlord

    Bottle of Champagne at the ready…I’m so excited I won’t be able to sleep tonight either, better queue up some good movies on Netflix…

    • Kat Richter

      Seriously! I’m about to lose it. Check FB for the stupid thing I did yesterday and have been dealing with all morning… Major moron moment.


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