Writing left handed

Where’s the Recall Button?

Today I sent my first-ever email to The European. This is significant for two reasons:

  1. He has a proper, respectable career
  2. I have a hard time sending proper, respectable emails

As a writer, I love sending messages. I’m not really all that interesting to talk to in real life (seriously, I’m not) but if you give me a pen and paper (or a laptop in this case), I will crack myself up.

email slingshit

My sense of humor isn’t always that obvious to other people though, so after composing my little epistle, I added several explanatory post scripts. They were perfect: witty and humorous with just the right amount of sexy.

I spent the next minute or so basking in the glow of my literary triumph and was feeling rather proud until I remembered that I have one and only one email address for The European: his work email.

At that point, I panicked. My email wasn’t exactly X-rated but it certainly wasn’t workplace appropriate so I texted The European immediately to request a non-work email address for future reference. Then I googled “how to unsend an email” and learned, to my great dismay, that you have to do it RIGHT AWAY. Like within 30 seconds.

At that point I really began to lose it—so much so that I actually called The European (which I’ve also never done before) but I was too nervous to leave a voicemail. Instead, I hung up the phone, sent another text apologizing for my moronic behavior and started blogging, because why not? I needed a distraction from the inevitable break up that would surely occur once the man in question realized what I’d done.

But five minutes later he called me back. And he was laughing. Turns out he gave me his work address because it’s the only one he ever uses, even for the purposes of online dating. He thanked me for my concern (I believe “overthinking” was the term he used), asked me thoughtful questions about my day and by the end of the half-hour conversation, we’d decided to go away together for a week at the end of the month.

Crisis averted.

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