How to Bedazzle Tap Shoes

I have a new system. A new how-to-avoid-murdering-my-loan-officer system to be precise.

(This morning I received an email requesting an “explanation of the non-employment deposit of $633.15” made into my bank account on April 8th. Non employment? Really? When a deposit of the same exact amount shows up every two weeks? My first thought was to go the Walter White route and tell them I’m cooking meth. My second thought was to tell them I’m a stripper and that I have some regular customers who tip me in nickels. Fortunately, I came to my senses and sent them a very polite email back instead explaining that yes actually, the deposit is employment related and to please let me know if they needed anything else.  Like you know a sample of my DNA, my eventual first born child, and quite possible some hair follicles while we’re at it.)

But back to my new system.

It turns out that applying rhinestones to tap shoes with a pair of tweezers is actually quite therapeutic. Especially if you’ve got a few rom-coms lined up on Netflix.

And because it’s recital weekend for my kids in the suburbs, I decided to go all out:

June 2014 Recital 014

The “before” picture

June 2014 Recital 015

Do not attempt at home. Unless of course you masking tape over the taps, the sound board and the rubber pad on the bottom of the shoes.  Some people also tape over the buckle but I like my buckles to match.

June 2014 Recital 018

Also, stuff the shoes with newspaper to accommodate for less-than-precise spray painting.  If using your dad’s garage to spray paint, it is best to do it while he is not home and to destroy the evidence.  Blame any residue on bio-diesel. You know… that purple bio-diesel.

June 2014 Recital 019

Acquire jewels. And paint. And glue. Preferably on ONE trip to the craft store and not several (which is why the glue is not present in this picture).  Also, prepare to wait a very long time for the store employees to unlock the jewel case.

June 2014 Recital 020

I forgot to take intermediate step pictures because I was heavily involved in a wedding movie marathon at this point but after spray painting, I added some hand-painted details to match the girls’ costumes, then outlined the details by gluing rhinestones around the edges.

June 2014 Recital 028

Ta-da!  Unfortunately I was using my camera phone to take pictures during dress rehearsal so everything came out really blurry but I’ll put some pictures up on Facebook after the recital on Saturday.

14 Responses to “How to Bedazzle Tap Shoes”

  1. becky119

    It always helps to have something therapeutic to fall back on when getting super stressed about stuff. Me? I like to play with my books. Yup, I said play. I will go into my library and organize them, scan them into my library program, and make decisions about what to read next. Super nerdy. 🙂

    • Kat Richter

      Haha! We all have our vices. Want to come organize my room (which includes approximately FOUR bookshelves)? Every few days I get a slight burst of energy and think, “Maybe I’ll get starting on packing… just a few boxes.” Then I look at my closet and I just get tired… so usually I end up eating ice cream instead. At this rate, I’ll be ready to move in July 2017.

      • becky119

        Honestly? I love packing…all that organizing and labeling and playing tetris in the boxes to make everything fit neatly. I’d gladly help if fed and provided with wine. 😉

  2. casespace

    Too cute. And with tweezers! That must take an incredibly steady hand.

    How’d you do a wedding movie marathon? Wow. Last wedding movie I saw was 27 Dresses. I’m to cynical to watch rom-coms now.

  3. Jerseyite Lurker

    Kat: I hope you made certain that email note really was from the bank. I realize you get some extra scrutiny when you’re applying for a mortgage, but it still seems a little strange.

  4. Laurie

    I believe that a truly satisfying experience needs three components: physical play (such as dancing), learning something new or exchanging or sharing information (like blogging), and making something with your hands (like bedazzling tap shoes). Personally, I like to do improv games, teaching and learning from my students, and making handmade books and boxes. Somehow, I need all three to feel satisfaction. I do think that you’re on to something special with these fabulous shoes. Ever thought of creating a sideline?

    • Kat Richter

      Agreed! I get antsy if I go to long without making something. I suppose I could open a side business but I’m not sure that there’s much of demand outside of the recital business… Perhaps I’ll look into it though. It would definitely be fun!

  5. rastafari369

    Great idea to spice up old and boring shoes… I might try this some time and go back to being crafty like I was before.. hehe… 😉


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