Writing left handed

Excuses, Excuses

Hi there, remember me?  I used to blog here, but then I decided it would be a very good idea to produce two shows at the same time, apply for my PhD, run a free tap residency program for elementary school students in North Philly, write a fancy chapter for a fancy anthology on ethnicity and dance, take on teaching two sections of Anthropology 101 and… I feel like I’m forgetting something.  Oh yeah—house hunting!

This leads to things like printing 500 tickets for a single performance instead of 150 for each show like I was supposed to…

And not noticing that my parking receipt is upside down on my dashboard (to the tune of a $36 fine)…

And hopping on 95 North to go teach in the suburbs when I’m actually supposed to be teaching within the city…

And not washing my hair for four days because I forgot to buy conditioner…

And spilling coffee all over myself.  Like ALL THE TIME.

But it could be worse.  It could be the start of the semester instead of the end.  In fact, with the annual Hooper’s Island Black Friday Martini Bar Soiree just around the corner, I just might make it!

In the meantime, here are a few photos of what I’ve been up to.

And if you’d like to buy tickets to The Lady Hoofers Holiday Concert or donate to our tap residency, you can do so at our website.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Mascher November 022

Residency students learning to tap

Mascher November 035

Tap 101!

Edited Rif by Brian Mengin

Our photo shoot with Brian Mengini


Another of Brian’s photos with some of our Youth Company dancers

November 2013 066

Lady Hoofers Youth Company backstage at Cystic Fibrosis Benefit

November 2013 076

The whole company (almost…)

Lady Hoofers Holiday Postcard

10 Days until our Holiday Concert!

5 Responses to “Excuses, Excuses”

  1. Grace @ Cultural Life

    Wow, your life sounds incredibly busy! I have missed your blog posts regularly popping up in my feed but everybody needs to take a blogging break sometimes, when life gets hectic. Good luck with your holiday concert and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. casespace

    Wow! Incredibly proud of you, but my goodness. Take it easy, Kat! I hope to be there on Friday, by the way. I also plan do house hunting soon. We so need to catch up!


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