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Sick of Being Single? Create a Match.com Summer Singles Event and Win!

Online dating is a misnomer.  At least that’s what I told everyone at my Online Dating 101 workshops earlier this year: get offline and get into the real world as soon as possible!Match.com

Of course, some people enjoy months of correspondence with unknown pen-pals who turn out to be complete lunatics but I’m not one of them.  At least not anymore.  Which is why I’m so excited about the fact that Match.com is celebrating its one year anniversary of getting people offline thanks to Stir Events.

What is Stir?  I’m so glad you asked.  Stir didn’t exist during the days of my manthropological experiment—in fact, when I logged on during my workshop in February to show some elderly women how to navigate the home page, I was taken by surprise and had to admit that I wasn’t quite as “up” on the world of online dating as I once was— but nowadays Match.com members around the country can get together for real time, real life singles events, ranging from large-scale happy hours at popular venues to more intimate adventures like tequila tastings and DJ lessons.

Where was that when I needed it?

Not that I’m complaining.  I’m pretty darn happy with the way my experiment worked out, but I still have plenty of friends who are still single and not happy about it.  My usual advice is “Date my brother.  Or try Match.com” but now I can add “Try Stir Events!” to the list.

Stir is currently celebrating its first anniversary.  In just one year, Match has hosted 2,850 single events in 80 cities across America – including Anchorage and Honolulu!  That breaks down to 320 events each month and over 225,000 PSMs (Potential Soul Mates).

Past events have ranged from the House of Blues to the Warrior Dash (and even a ghost tour right here in Philly) but if these aren’t you’re cup of tea, now’s your chance to create your own way-cool event.   In celebration of the Stir anniversary, Match.com is offering the opportunity for singles to create their own Stir event, and if their event is chosen, to work with Match Stir event planners to bring it to life!

Personally, I’d prefer something more chocolate-themed.  Or outdoorsy.  But with less running.  At any rate, all you have to do is Visit Match.com’s “What Stirs You?” Contest Page at http://promotion.binkd.com/Enter.aspx?id=8793 , now through Tuesday May 28th, 2013 and tell Match.com what you think would make for the perfect singles event to be entered to win. Entries will be judged based on quality, creativity, uniqueness and geographical relevance.

The selected winner will have their idea re-created by the Match.com Stir Events team in their city, and will receive an invitation to attend the event along with ten of their singles friends – all at no charge! In addition, the winner will also receive a free six-month Match.com subscription.  (And you don’t need me to tell you how much fun a girl can have with six months on Match.com!)

So get those thinking caps on!

This post was sponsored in part by Match.com.

2 Responses to “Sick of Being Single? Create a Match.com Summer Singles Event and Win!”

  1. Landlord

    I would so totally do this if I were single…and actually wanted to date all over again. They’re kind of like dating meetups, Fun and not so intimidating.


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