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No Woman is Out of Your League


If you’ve been single for a while, it’s easy to find yourself feeling low on confidence. Many singles develop an idea of where they think they ‘rate’ in the dating game and what sort of singles they consider to be ‘in their league’. The good news is that this is all absolute nonsense. No one should ever think less of themselves when it comes to dating.

(Note: Today’s post is sponsored by eHarmony.  I didn’t write it but I think there are some great points here.  Let me know if you agree by commenting below!)

If there is a woman who catches your eye and you feel like you share something special, never underestimate the powers of seduction. Here is a look at how, with the right attitude and approach, no woman is ever out of your league.

1. Heal old wounds

If you’re driven by the belief that you aren’t good enough, then chances are your confidence has taken a knock somewhere along the line. You might have been rejected in the past, or experienced the pain of a cheating partner or a nasty break-up.

Whatever the reason is, it’s almost impossible to get back out there with a positive attitude while you’re still nursing old wounds. Take the take time to heal and regroup emotionally before you go looking for love again.

2.   Be confident

If you ask women what attributes they find attractive in men, nearly all of them can be traced back in some way to confidence. From charm to charisma, conversation skills to humor, all of these traits start with a man who is comfortable in his own skin. A lot of confidence starts in our body language, so stand up straight, lift your shoulders and remember to always smile.

3. Be good at something

You don’t need to go out and win a Nobel Prize, but it’s important to have something interesting and note-worthy to talk about. This doesn’t mean bragging – that’s one of the least attractive qualities a man can show – but it does mean having something to be proud and confident about. It will also make a great conversation topic, especially if you’re on a first date with someone you met on a dating site like the eHarmony website for singles. Set yourself apart from the others and wow your date with your passion for your hobby, whether it’s running a marathon, learning a new language or doing magic tricks.

4. Find something in common

Plenty of relationships start based on physical attraction, but it takes more than good looks to keep couples together in the long term. If you’re drawn to someone who you have things in common with, but who you feel is ‘out of your league’ in terms of looks, then take heart in the fact you could share something more profound.

Compatibility is the foundation for every successful relationship, and these deeper connections and core values are the things that really stand the test of time. This means finding people who share your beliefs, whether that means looking for Christian singles or fellow agnostics, as well as finding people who share your interests and your passions.

By following these tips, you will give your confidence a boost and feel more enthusiastic about dating again. Remember to stay positive and never underestimate your seduction skills.

This post was brought you in part by eHarmony.

3 Responses to “No Woman is Out of Your League”

  1. Landlord

    These are actually good tips for entering the holiday social season, or any time when you feel like the odd man/woman out. Thinking about conversation starters is something we always tried to explain to you and Tech Support, even though it sounds like “programmed” spontaneity, (and it is) it does help get over the initial, “what do I talk about?” A smile and shoulders back, head up is easy once you get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect.

  2. Clark Kent

    I love this! I would also add, but at least interested inside of you as your are outside of you. For what you give yourself will also be able to be given outside of yourself. This doesn’t see outside beauty as a place you can’t be forward with. If you embrace what you experience inside you will confidence but you will also create space to share this to extend it to another. It is about love no matter what vibration it is. No matter what you lack in some way on the outside. For it is outside you and another part of you will be magnified in this process alone. It has pure form which you can embrace that gives you yourself above all else! It is what causes rose petals in those first few moments of meeting someone who you feel an attraction to! Wonderful post my friend!


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