10 Awesome Thanksgiving Pictures

I am very thankful this year:

A) I remembered my grandfather’s car does NOT have EZPASS before zipping through the toll booths on my way to The Wedding Date’s house.

B) I did not burn the ginger snap cookies that I baked to bring to TWD’s parents.

C) I recognized not one but two of the artists who performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, thereby proving that I am still young and cool despite the fact that Power Rangers are celebrating their 20th anniversary. (Mannheim Steamrollers are cool, right?)

As such, I would like to give thanks by offering some funny turkey images to rouse you all from your tryptophan comas.  Enjoy!

(And don’t worry, I’ll be posting a full report on my Thanksgiving Marathon first thing Monday morning).

Lefty Thanksgiving

Hiding Turkey

Funny Turkey

Funny Thanksgiving Picture

Thanksgiving Cartoon

Thanksgiving meme

Funny thanksgiving cat

Thanksgiving pet costumes

turkey revolt

Bush pardon turkey

PS: Is it just me or is it a little ridiculous that stores have been open since MIDNIGHT?  I mean seriously, don’t people know that Black Friday is for drinking martinis, not shopping for more useless crap you don’t need?

5 Responses to “10 Awesome Thanksgiving Pictures”

  1. becky119

    Quite entertaining pictures. And just FYI, some stores opened even earlier than that. I think Target opened at 9pm and HHGreg opened at 10pm. After working in retail I boycott Black Friday on principle. Especially because I now know that most of the ‘deals’ are really not great deals at all. Who wants to spend $200 on a big TV that is going to break and require a more expensive repair or just a new TV altogether? Last year I was still working at Best Buy so I had to miss Thanksgiving with my family in order to get to work on time (had to be at the store by 10pm). Then I had customers telling me to have a nice night and I just wanted to hit them. It was like, seriously? You know that I had to miss Thanksgiving with my family because of this? My Thanksgiving dinner was Wawa!!! But most of the managers frown upon beating customers up, so I just had to smile through it all. Thank God I got a new job where I’m not forced to work holidays.

    • Kat Richter

      Yeah, I was in line at the grocery store on Wednesday behind this woman who was being super rude to the cashier. I kept wanting to yell at her like, “Hello! This poor guy is doing his best, so calm down and be thankful that you’re not working today!”


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