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A Man in Your Bed Can Be Distracting

fun date ideas

And here for Try Something New, Together

Life, after a week-long cruise to Bermuda, can be rather exhausting.  So The Wedding Date and I are off to my parents’ place in the middle of nowhere for the weekend.  In order to provide you all with your daily (okay, semi-daily…) dose of dating related amusement, however, I’d like to direct your attention to HotDateIdeas.com.

This week, I’ve written on Where to Meet People and fun date ideas that will allow you and your partner to Try Something New, Together.  I particularly enjoyed working on the latter, mainly because TWD was lying in my bed at the time giving me suggestions and flashing me “come hither” looks all the while asking, “How much am I getting paid for this?”  (I told him I’d buy him a drink.)

So enjoy!  And don’t forget to share (not just “like” but share) if you like what you see.

(And yes, yes… I know there are typos.  That’s what happens when you get up at 6:00am to head into New York for a film shoot and find yourself trying to meet your deadlines at 1:00am that very same evening, but more on that next week.)

How to meet people

Click here for How to Meet People

fun date ideas

And here for Try Something New, Together

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