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Are Those Roses Behind Your Back?

I know, I know: it’s been a while.  But it’s been one of those weeks and will continue being one of those weeks until about 10pm Sunday night (which is when the final awards ceremony of this weekend’s competition will wrap up– at least one can hope).

I spent Monday and Tuesday night teaching, Wednesday night performing, Thursday night at the Wilma to review BalletX and that’s just the beginning.  I’m reviewing again tonight and tomorrow night and on Sunday, I’ll be spending all day in Valley Forge for my girls’ competition.

Not that I’m complaining—how many dance majors actually end up working in their chosen field?—but I am exhausted.  So exhausted in fact that I was considering writing an entire blog post about the absolutely gorgeous bouquet of flowers The Wedding Date gave to meet after my company’s show at City Hall on Wednesday night but then I thought better of it.  After all, I usually want to stab people in the eye when they post pictures of their Valentine’s Day bouquets all over Facebook so I’m going to resist the urge and post a few photos from the show instead.


The Lady Hoofers

Silent Ladies: the a cappella piece I choreographed to open the show (I'm third from the left)

The Lady Hoofers

It Don't Mean a Thing: me and my partner in crime (thank GOD I we both opted to add clear straps to those dresses!)

City Hall Presents

The Shim Sham: my students joined the cast for the Shim Sham Shimmy (and TWD totally ignored my announcement forbidding photography during the performance and snapped this picture on his cell phone... tsk tsk).


5 Responses to “Are Those Roses Behind Your Back?”

  1. Landlord

    the pictures of the show are definitely better than one of flowers! Show went really well, congrats to you and Pam

  2. susan macbride

    great show and your students were terrific, very poised, relaxed and accomplished.

  3. Rachel

    Looks like so much fun! Congrats on a show well done! And I, for one, would love to see a picture of the flowers! 🙂

  4. Lost in France

    looks like a fantastic setting for your show.
    Glad all went well


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