The Case of the Missing Loofah

gold loofar

It started with my loofah—the gold travel-sized loofah that I picked up at Bath and Body Works last year.

“You left you sponge thing here,” The Wedding Date informed me.  “Do you want me to bring it the next time I see you?”

After some consideration (and several texts back and forth) it was decided that my loofah would remain at The Wedding Date’s house from now on (to be stowed discretely in the bathroom cabinet when his children are visiting, of course).

Next up were my pjs: the black and pink set that I brought with me the last time I visited and completely forgot to pack when I left.

“Do you want them to throw them in the wash when I do my next load of laundry?” The Wedding Date asked.


These too have now joined The Wedding Date’s permanent collection.

Then there was the almond milk—although I should note that I didn’t leave a carton of almond milk at The Wedding Date’s house: he bought it for me.

And now he’s hooked on the stuff.

We like to drink our almond milk with chai tea like a couple of old ladies (albeit cool, well-traveled old ladies who know exotic, Indian teas are the best) but The Wedding Date is into normal white sugar and I’m not.

“Do you mind if I leave a bottle of Agave nectar at your place?” I asked.

“Not at all,” he replied.

So now there’s the bottle of Agave nectar too.  And we’ve already agreed that proper toiletries are the next step (especially seeing as every time I step into the shower, I discover yet another tangerine-scented bottle of something-or-other from my last visit).

I’d be worried if we hadn’t had the talk (the last time I bought toiletries to keep at a boyfriend’s house, we broke up before I got a chance to use them) but—wait a sec?  I didn’t tell you about the talk, did I?  Oops!  Suffice it say, I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret for the past week and a half… more on that next week!

12 Responses to “The Case of the Missing Loofah”

  1. Kara

    Next week!?!? Surely you can’t leave us hanging for THAT long! 🙂

  2. Brazilian

    What???? Next week? Do you realize that at my age that is an eternity?

  3. Landlord

    Hey, I’m just happy to have her blog to read with my morning smoothie! But yeah, the time span is excruciating
    but she does have a show next week, so I’ll cut her a break, but after that…

  4. debwill72

    NO BREAKS! I understand that dance is important, but so are her fans! Oh the teasing… Maybe we could convince her to post at the wekkend???

  5. mydatingprescription

    I’m obviously behind on my blog reading, but I save yours and go back and read them when I can. I also enjoy my chai with almond milk very much, doesn’t make me an old lady. It was suggested by my nutritionist in an effort to eliminate dairy. No sugar for me either.

    Now I have to go read your next post.

  6. Lost in France

    And slowly the transformation from single, to dating, to a couple starts.
    You often hear of people celebrating various significant dates in their relationship, however, in reality, for me at least, it is often hard to define precise dates, as relationship just sort of evolve.

    Sadly for some reason WordPress has stopped giving me notifications of your new posts, so I need to make a mental note to pop by once a week to keep up with the latest news.


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