Why Singletons Should Save Chocolate Bar Wrappers

This week was supposed to be my spring break.  I was going to sleep in and read books and drink iced chai while commencing my work on the great American novel (whilst cursing the parents of Queen Village for ruining my literary endeavors with their precious little darlings) but who are we kidding?  I’ve got choreography to finish, articles to write, new costumes to source and… oh yeah… taxes to file.  The bane of my existence.

If I didn’t have a night at the The Wedding Date’s to look forward to, I don’t know what I’d do.

Actually, I know exactly what I’d do: I’d do the same thing I did back in grad school when I didn’t have a boyfriend to keep me company when I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I’d make something.  With chocolate.

Chocolate easter eggs

These are chocolate-covered marzipan eggs.  I never knew how great marzipan was until my flat mate from Belgium introduced me.  The good thing about marzipan is that it’s made out of almonds so you can convince yourself that it’s almost a health food (especially when you dunk it in melted dark chocolate, which, as we all know, is rich in antioxidants).  It’s pliable so if you’re writing an MA dissertation (or engaging in any other activity that makes you want to slam your head into the wall on a semi-regular basis) it’s very therapuetic.

To make chocolate covered marzipan eggs, you need chocolate, and well, marzipan, and sprinkles:

chcolate easter eggs

I have no intention of turning this into a food blog so you’ll have to figure out how to do it on your own but basically you roll the marzipan into an egg shape, then coat it in melted chocolate and add the sprinkles just before the chocolate hardens.

The most important part, in my humble opinion, is the presentation.  When I first moved to London, I developed the rather bizarre habit of saving chocolate bar wrappers.  Call me crazy, but they’re gorgeous (especially the gold foil they use for the Fair Trade stuff) and if you preserve them well enough, they come in handy at the most unexpected moments.  (For example: we put our Chinese flat mate in charge of buying a birthday card for our Belgian flat mate.  She selected a simple single fold with a teddy bear on the front, above which was written “Happy Birthday, Nana!”  In her limited understanding of the English language, she assumed that “Nana” meant “teddy bear.”  Thanks to my collection of gold foil, we were able to cover over the offending stationary, and none too shabbily, I might add.)

Here’s a photo of the eggs, ready from transit on the London Underground to my professor’s house for Easter:

chocolate egg carton

Most egg-cellent, if I do say so myself.  Maybe next time, I’ll show you the dark chocolate Brazil nut bars I made, complete with a case of woven (yes, woven) chocolate bar wrappers.  (Like I said, I was single at the time.  And broke.  Chocolate bar wrapper were pretty much the highlight of my week.)

3 Responses to “Why Singletons Should Save Chocolate Bar Wrappers”

  1. Chicago-Style Girl

    This is awesome. I wonder if there’s a version of this that applies for people who don’t eat a ton of chocolate to accumulate wrappers or aren’t crafty.
    But I am taking notes for ideas for when I someday have children to amuse at Easter time.

  2. Just Me

    When my mother was alive, she used to buy candy supplies from a company called Maid of Scandinavia. (I wonder whether they’re still in business.) One of the nifty little items she bought was varied sizes of foil squares in a wide assortment of colors. You might have fun with something like that.


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