Bad News

Well folks, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.  Not they’ve-decided-to-stop-producing-fair-trade-chocolate bad news, or even I’ve-decided-to-join-a-commune-and-go-off-the-grid bad news but bad news nonetheless.

You might have noticed that I missed Monday’s post, and those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning of my Great Date Experiment will have noticed that my posts have become shorter (and less exciting) of late.

There are several reasons for this, and as much as I’d like to blame The Wedding Date (boyfriends make rather convenient scapegoats, don’t they?) it’s not his fault—at least not entirely.  I’m writing for several online magazines these days and between all of my students, I’ve got thirteen tap routines to get finished up and polished in time for this year’s recitals.

My co-producer and I also received some unexpected news last week: Remember that grant application you submitted months ago but never thought you’d actually get? Well, you got it.  We want you to produce a show at City Hall.  And we want it in exactly one month.

With so many things going on (sometimes I really wish I had regular 9-5 office job!) I’ve reached the point where I wake up every morning cursing my alarm clock because I realize, “Oh crap.  My blog.  And I’ve got nothing.”

The thing is, I used to spend my weekends recording my life, but now, thanks to The Wedding Date and a number of other factors, I’m spending those weekends actually living my life.  (Or conducting rehearsals, or trying to get caught up on sleep now that I’m officially an old lady…but either way I’ve got way less spare time than I used to.)

I never set out to be a blogger—I set out to be a writer.  A writer who just happened to write a blog in addition to everything else because she used to be scared to death of actually sharing her work with anyone and figured it was high time to get over it.  (Seriously, I used to think posthumous publication was totally the way to go until I realized that I could actually make money as a writer and decided that I’d like to be able to buy new shoes in this lifetime, thank you very much.)

Today marks my 525th post, and that’s not even including the blog I kept during my year at Oxford or my year and a half in London.   At 500 words a pop (and that’s a conservative estimate) we’re talking 262,500 words.  That’s almost three books!

No offence to everyone who has been kind enough to read, comment, advise and encourage over the past few years but I’d rather write books than sit around spewing “Today, The Wedding Date and I went to a coffee shop.  I saw three Queen Village brats but then they left after ordering their chocolate milk so we all lived happily ever after.”

Does this mean I’m giving up on Fieldwork in Stilettos?  No way!  (I did, after all, finally register my very own domain name.)  I’m just cutting back—so if you don’t subscribe already, you probably should.  (Or you can continue boosting my traffic by checking my site on an hourly basis waiting for the next update— that’s fine too.)

I’ll be posting once (and sometimes twice) a week from here on out, with an aim towards quality instead of quantity.  Plus I want to be a better blog buddy to all of the people who read and comment on my blog—I’m sorry that I so rarely find the time to read and comment on yours!

Of course, I won’t be running off without a proper goodbye (and really, it’s not goodbye, it’s just “see you next week” instead of “see you tomorrow”) so I’ve got a book review coming up later this week that’s all about online dating—woohoo!

Until then, I want to make sure I don’t leaving you all hanging without anything good to read in the morning so if you write your own blogs, please add a comment to today’s post with the link and a brief description.


And as always, thanks for reading.

14 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. Katie

    This post is the second of this kind I’ve read this week from one of the (relatively few) blogs I follow. Wow. What a confusing sentence. I’m not awake yet.

    Good for you! I’ll stay subscribed and continue to read whenever you care to share. 🙂

  2. debwill72

    Wait just a minute…You get us addicted and then just leave us? What WILL we have to talk about when the professors come to town? You mean I might actually have to call you to get the news? You want us to get out into the world and get a life instead of living vicariously through yours? I just don’t know… Ok, Ok…I get it. I will just have to take up the baton and start my own blog! (Although it might have to wait until September…) Get out there writer girl and make us proud! 🙂

  3. Dr. Amanda Morris

    I have loved your blog since finding it last January! Having dated for awhile after being divorced for 6the years and suddenly finding Mr. PerfectforMe,I was thrilled when you and The Wedding Date hit it off. I’m also happy for you that you’ve got other, more profitable writing and living, endeavors to keep you busy. 🙂 I have shifted from writing a blog regularly to broadcasting a podcast about creativity and its application to everyday life: The Spark is updated every other Wednesday at 7pm and runs about 30 minutes, so if you or any of your loyal readers want to be inspired by interviews and insights about how to be more creative, come on over! Http:/ You can also find me on iTunes by searching “the spark reinvigorating creativity,” as the wise folks over there used the entire title. 😉 I look forward to more of your adventures, however often you update, and congratulate you on a life well-lived!

  4. Brazilian

    Congratulations on getting the grant. Lots of luck with the production.

  5. susan macbride

    good for you. onward and upward or sideways. change is good. have fun, do what you wanna do!

  6. Landlord

    “snif, snif”…but good for YOU! I do admit that although I usually read your blog after having done all of the important stuff I have to do, or as a reward for getting onerous tasks done, I did cheat once in awhile and read before “getting things done”.

    Congrats on getting more writing gigs AND the performance at City Hall, can’t wait to see it!

  7. Amanda

    That’s GREAT news about the grant! I’ve been a follower since you first got Freshly Pressed, and I’ll keep on with my subscription. I like getting emails that aren’t ads 🙂

    And yes, I’ve got a blog of my own: I write about whatever strikes my fancy, when it strikes me. With the rest of my life so scheduled, if I actually scheduled time to blog, I’d never do it, because I’d never have anything to write about.

  8. stevesw

    It’s fantastic to have been reading how your life has become so loved, productive, and rewarding. (I did not check ‘like’ because that seemed to say ‘like the negative’ not the positive!

  9. chauffeur

    Even though I live with you, I always enjoy reading your blog, generally on my phone b4 I get out of bed if I do not have to get up early. So sad I will not be able to read every day, but I certainly understand. Perhaps some of your readers could be occas. guest writers as you have done from time to time in the past. Break a leg at the show.

  10. Zak

    So what the hell else am I supposed to get out of bed for? It’s not like work’s doing it for me!



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