How The Wedding Date Became MY Wedding Date

Did I mention that The Wedding Date and I are flying to Boston on Friday?  No? Well, we are.  I’ve known since our third date (which is when I finally started coming to my senses about a certain someone whom-shall-remain-nameless…) but I didn’t want to say anything until after the New Years Eve Martini Bar Soiree, just in case.

Nonetheless, it’s happening: The Wedding Date survived his initiation (which included introductions to my parents, my brother, my grandfather and oh yeah, about two dozen people who’ve been reading about him for the past six months…) and in just 48 hours, he’ll become My Wedding Date.

Two of my friends from college are getting married and seeing as I essentially set them up in the first place (with a bit of help from the bride’s flat mate) I couldn’t be more excited.

The invitation arrived several months ago, addressed to “Miss Kat Richter and Guest.”  As I was still quasi-dating He-whom-shall-remain-nameless at the time, I spent several weeks trying to decide if I should invite him (seeing as he’d invited me to his brother’s wedding) or if I should take a chance on this new guy—the one who made me laugh and didn’t leave me questioning my own sanity after every conversation.

It should have been an easy choice (especially given The Wedding Date’s track record: I did my very best to seduce him at the wedding where we met but he danced with me once and only once out of loyalty to his date, even though they were just friends).  But you know me… I can turn even the easiest, most obvious decision into a world class debate.

Fortunately, the universe decided to simplify things for me.  The Wedding Date and I found ourselves at dinner on the evening of our third date and somehow, inexplicably, we both fell silent somewhere between the clam chowder and our entrees.  Silence on a date makes me uncomfortable—especially on a third date—so I did the only rational thing that came to mind: I invited the man seated across from me to fly to Boston.

Only I didn’t phrase it that way.  Not at first.

I broke it to him gently (I have, after all, learned a few things about men over the course of the past eighteen months).

I began with the obvious: I know it’s a bit soon but I have this wedding to go to in January.  Would you like to come with me?

Upon receiving a positive response, I began to layer on the details: It’s on a Friday, and rather early in the evening.  So you’d have to take off work…but I’ll pay for the hotel.  And the flight.

Noting that the man in question had yet to fall off his chair or run screaming from the restaurant, I delivered the final blow: It’s in Boston.

Mind you, this is nothing new for me—my friends can never get married in normal places; it’s always Boston or Puerto Rico or Northern Ireland (and these aren’t even destination weddings, I’m simply incapable of befriending locals)—but I wasn’t sure how The Wedding Date would feel about flying to Boston to attend a wedding with a girl he’d only just started dating.

(Especially as Boston in January isn’t nearly as appealing as Northern Ireland in June or Puerto Rico in May…)

But he said “yes.”

In fact, he said, “Why not?  It sounds like fun.  But there’s no way I’m letting you pay for my ticket.”

(Actually, what he said was a lot funnier than but I’ve got to start keeping some of his jokes private.)

So, long story short, we’re flying to Boston together and I’ve purchased two new dresses (Jomar obviously) to mark the occasion: one to wear on the plane and one to wear for the wedding.  Frankly, I’m not sure which part of the weekend I’m more excited about (the wedding part of the flying part)—for all of my international exploits, I’ve never flown anywhere with a man (except my brother) and even though I enjoy flying solo, I’m looking forward to having a partner in crime this time around.

PS: Friendly little reminder: will soon be replaced by so update your bookmarks 🙂

19 Responses to “How The Wedding Date Became MY Wedding Date”

      • Landlord

        Only because you were having a clothing dilemma of how to fit in so many options! I was merely being creative 😉

  1. siobhan

    I wouldn’t bet on Northern Ireland in June being any less grey than Boston in January! x

  2. Katie

    I’ve always wanted to see Boston, and I love it when people get married someplace other than where I actually am. Or “back home.” We originally tried to plan a destination wedding, but his parents backed out at the last minute. HUGE regrets now about not just buying their damn tickets.


    Have fun this weekend! Super excited for you and your date.

  3. offshore bank account

    The wedding is about the couple getting married not about the guest’s kids, therefore the couple gets the say about the age required to be invited to their wedding. It’s not a bridzilla thing, there are many reasons to keep the wedding adult only; ranging from limits on number of guests to keeping things formal. Anyone who thinks that the couple being married should include their kids ought to get their head around the fact that their kid’s on not the center of other people’s world. Several years ago I had witnessed a tantrum during the exchanging of vows…it’s a total downer for EVERYONE, NOT JUST THE BRIDE! It was only a few seconds because the parents quickly took the child out of the room, but a child crying is forever part of the couples wedding. It’s audible on the wedding video, and all of the head turns are visible as well. It is not ‘cute’ or ‘funny’ all these years later. It’s not that the kid was bad, in fact she was usually a quiet content little girl, it was an out of the ordinary outburst. There is always a risk of an ‘upset’ with any child no matter how angelic they usually are. That being said exceptions can be made if the couple being married choose, but they should never feel pressured to make exceptions to the ‘no kids’ criteria. There are usually months, sometimes well over a year for guests with children to arrange childcare. Any bitterness from guests about ‘adult’ ceremonies is really uncalled for and very immature. It’s downright disgusting that some guests/parents would turn an ‘adult only wedding’ into a lesson for their kid’s on how to be bitter and angry at their adult relatives.

  4. casespace

    I’ll have to think about a destination wedding. After I meet my first requirement for even having one, of course. lol

    I can’t wait to hear about Boston. I went a couple years ago and it’s a pretty cool place. You’ll enjoy yourself. I hope you get to try to the clam chowder (if you’re a fan). And I’m sure you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in your Jomar dress.

    Safe travels.

  5. sarahnsh

    I think that you two will have an amazing time and it’s funny how now he’s going to be your wedding date, but I’m glad he’s coming with you and it’ll be a blast! I love Boston, I did a day trip there and wish I had more time to check it out, be sure to enjoy all the great food and sight seeing.

    • Kat Richter

      Unfortunately we only have a few hours before the wedding once we arrive but I am hoping we’ll get to check out the Salem Witch Museum as our hotel is nearby…

  6. Rachel

    Have fun! But watch out for those single girls at the reception! 🙂

  7. Chicago-Style Girl

    Oh yay! The fiance and I still haven’t travelled together yet besides driving back and forth to St. Louis. I hope this trip and fun and full of bonding.


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