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The Official Martini Bar Soiree Cheat Sheet

It’s finally here: the official 2012 New Year’s Eve Martini Bar Soiree!  I’ve yet to come up with even the most cliché of New Year’s Resolutions but I have written a cheat sheet for tonight’s party and seeing as some of you will be meeting The Wedding Date for the first time, please print the following for reference.

And highlight it.

And memorize it on your way to Philadelphia so there are no embarrassing moments, okay?

1)      My friend Meghan (who wrote Wednesday’s post “Crossing the Rubicon”) will be in attendance with “Adam.”  Although “Adam” is not his real name and she kind of sort of forgot to tell him that she was writing a blog post about him, so mum’s the word, okay?

2)      The Wedding Date will also be attendance.  Although The Wedding Date is not his real name either.  You’ll be briefed upon arrival.

3)      My last boyfriend (the one from London) was called something very similar to The Wedding Date and my dad, sick puppy that he is, has taken great delight in trying to get me to invert their names.  As such, introductions will require my utmost concentration and there’s a good chance that I will forget your name, even if you’re someone I’ve known for quite some time.  I apologize in advance if this happens.

4)      My partner-in-crime (known to you all as Philly Tap Teaser) and I went for manicures yesterday.  I hate spending money on “frivolous” things like manicures (and haircuts, and bras, actually) but it’s been thirteen years since I’ve gone for a proper manicure so when you see me tomorrow, please tell me that my nails look AWESOME.

5)      All hostess gifts of the chocolate, wine or especially-yummy variety should be given directly to ME and not to my mother.  I will see to it that they are brought to a secure location.

6)      If you see Chauffeur, please make a point to tell him that my White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Martini recipe was not “gross,” and that you’re terribly disappointed that it’s not on the docket this year because you actually like drinking martinis that look like strawberry milk and that you’re considering boycotting next year’s party if the Raspberry Truffle Martini is not reinstated.

Thank you.

Raspberry Martini

R.I.P. Raspberry Truffle...

14 Responses to “The Official Martini Bar Soiree Cheat Sheet”

  1. Kate Ferguson Writes

    If only I could be in attendance to flout these noble maxims of propriety! Have a wonderful time and happy new year! Your blog posts have amused, bemused, inspired and infuriated me all year. Thank you for your wonderful writing and all the best for 2012! 🙂

  2. annie

    Dear Kat, Happy new year to you and the entire richter clan. I love knowing what’s going on in your life and I wish you all the best In 2012! We will be celebrating in Trenton tonight, and I will raise a glass (not a truffle martini, unfortunately) and think of you.

    • Kat Richter

      Thanks, Annie! I’m off to the YAF retreat this coming weekend but I’m hoping to get back to Trenton ASAP– it’s been way too long! Hope you and the gang had a great holiday 🙂

  3. Kara

    LOL! I heart you. Can’t wait to see you, and meet TWD! (Though it will admittedly be rather difficult NOT to refer to him as “the wedding date”, but I shall try my absolute hardest, promise!)

  4. pam

    I find it hilarious that I’m the more “frivolous” one when it comes to spending money on oneself. Until I met you, I really thought nobody was capable of my level of asceticism. But you beat me! Lol! Here’s to more manis, pedis and push-up bras for you next year!

    • Kat Richter

      I actually ran into the girl who was sitting to my left at the salon when we out to lunch on Sunday– she was one the waitresses and said, “Wait– weren’t you at the salon on Friday? I remember you got your nails done champagne colored because you didn’t know if you were going wear silver or gold” LOL!

  5. chauffeur

    The raspberry truffel martini may not have been “gross”, but we did need to trim the lineup a little after the sucessful thanksgiving soiree, (martini spring training) that some other newer recipies enjoyed. The Rasp mart was cut to make room for some new prospects. It had a good career, albeit a short career, but room was needed for new talent.
    Plus with regular rum, coco rum, lime rum, pineapple rum, gin, lime gin, vodka and vanilla vodka, I was unable / unwilling to make another flavored spirit purchase, so raspberry vodka remained on the shelf. But we did get all the necessary ingredients for chocolate martinis! (As per your request)

  6. Ronnie Libra

    Here’s what you do. Write it down on a little piece of paper and take it with you.

    Sometimes when you love a drink it pays to tell the bartender how to make it. The good bartenders will be happy to play and learn something new. The shitty bartenders will look at you like you’re not cool or whatever, but who gives a shit. They suck anyway…

    1 oz Raspberry Vodka
    1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
    1/2 oz Chambord
    Raspberries for Garnish
    Melted White Chocolate to Drizzle
    Inside Glass (they may not all have white chocolate drizzle to put in the glass so you can either have them do chocolate syrup (if they have that) or just leave the glass naked.)


    1 oz. Absolut raspberry vodka shopping list
    1 oz. white chocolate Godiva
    1 oz. Creme de cocoa
    chocolate syrup

    I think the 2 keys in this are going to be White Godiva and Raspberry Vodka.

    The difference will be – Creme de cacao = MORE chocolaty and the Chambord = More berryee

    You dig?

    Happy newyear.

    • Kat Richter

      I DEFINITELY dig 🙂 Unfortunately my dad refused to purchase raspberry vodka and it didn’t occur to me until afterward that I could simply purchased my OWN raspberry vodka– LOL! But both recipes look great– the second one is similar to what I used last year. Thanks! And Happy 2012 to you too!


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