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Hiking, The Wedding Date and My Mother, the Fortune Teller

The good news is I’m still alive.  The bad news is I still can’t drive stick.  It’s a long story (involving a rather fortuitous snafu with my mother’s rental car) but rather than bore you with the details of my continued ineptitude, I’d rather tell you about The Wedding Date’s reaction to it.

He reads my blog, as does my mother, and a while back she wrote the following comment:

If you do become a full-time expat, you will need to drive stick, as most of their cars are manual transmission.  What if you and some hot guy are hiking, he sprains his ankle and you have to drive him to the hospital?

Well now.

Guess what The Wedding Date and I have planned for Friday?

And guess who’s never been hiking before?

Guess whose car we’ll be taking?

And— for bonus points— guess what kind of car it is?

I’m not really good at describing cars.  My dad always asks and I always say, “Oh, the guy I went out with tonight?  The guy who drove me home?  He drives a… ummm… he drives a gray car.”

It so happens that I’ve been in The Wedding Date’s car, on multiple occasions, but I never noticed the gear shift sitting just inches to my left.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t care—it’s his car, not my mine—but I am in fact going hiking with “some hot guy” on Friday.  And considering the fact that he’s never been hiking before, I’d say there’s an above-average chance that one of us (by which I mean him) will sprain our ankle.

I had completely forgotten about my mother’s comment but I got a Facebook message from The Wedding Date just before heading out to teach my evening classes:

Apparently, your mother is an oracle….which doesn’t bode well for me or our date, lol!

I usually stop short of posting personal correspondence but this was just too funny to keep to myself.  (Especially as my mother almost always dresses as a fortune teller for Halloween.)  Here’s hoping it won’t come to that (or, at the very least, that The Wedding Date won’t mind a bumpy ride and a ruined transmission if it does).

10 Responses to “Hiking, The Wedding Date and My Mother, the Fortune Teller”

  1. Katie

    Yeah… Landlord is awesome, but I hope she’s wrong about the ankle sprain. I’m not so worried about you driving him out once you get to your car, but I’m slightly more concerned about the whole walking out of the woods on a sprained ankle part. I hope you’ve been doing some upper body workouts is all I’m sayin’. 😉

    • Kat Richter

      Hah! I’ve been “spotting” my 5 year-olds in their attempts to do 2-person somersaults which basically means lifting fifteen 40-pound sacks of potatoes every day!

  2. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Elizabeth Bennet rushes through the wild in an ankle-length dress to tend to Jane (but also to glare at Darcy) when she’s ill. Driving a stick for an ailing man in the knowledge that his sister has a sniffle is what the modern-day “Lizzy” would do.

  3. Philly Tap Teaser

    Moms have a special type of intuition! Although I hope that nobody gets injured on this wilderness date. You’ve had enough dating catastrophes lately!

  4. Lost in France

    A bit off topic, but driving a stick shift, is a great excuse for occasionally ‘accidentally’ brushing your passengers leg with your hand, and waiting to see how they respond.

    Have a great and accident free hike, be gentle on him if it is his first time.

  5. evening courses

    I’m a little late reading this blog, especially some of the posts, but gotta say… everything here is so great and so true. As someone who’s originally from the area, I get a chuckle out of many things here.


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