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T-Minus 4 Days… If I Live to Tell

manual transmissionToday is Monday, which means I’ll be seeing the Wedding Date in just four days if I don’t kill myself this afternoon.

It’s not that I’m planning to kill myself, it’s just that I’ll be driving my dad’s car to the studio for my evening classes for the first time and I have… issues with my dad’s car.  It’s a stick shift and the intricacies of the manual transmission have been reducing me to tears since I was 17 year old.

(Remember Driving Miss Date-sy?)

My mother’s car, which is the car I usually take to work, is in the shop so my options for this evening were to either dump $70 on a Zipcar or to simply suck it up and take my dad’s car.

I’ve gone for Option B: suck it up.  Which means I’ll probably spend the rest of the day hyperventilating and working our ways to avoid making left turns.  It also means that I may or may not still be alive on Friday, which would be a real shame for many reasons, not least of which being that the Wedding Date and I are supposed to go hiking and I’m in charge of preparing our picnic lunch.

So cross your fingers (and accept my apologies for the lameness of today’s post; I was up till 2:00am working on a travel piece and am still getting over the cold I acquired while accompanying Date #7’s to his brother’s wedding last month).

Let the fun begin.

5 Responses to “T-Minus 4 Days… If I Live to Tell”

  1. Landlord

    She didn’t say she “can drive a stick”, 🙂 only that she will be attempting too, but yes, she is brave to try—I on the other hand have to rent a car to see the Abuelo’s today and deal with aging senior issues, so I think Kat, my stress level will be waaaay above yours. That bottle of wine I promised you will be uncorked and ready for us both when we get home tonight!

  2. Lost in France

    One important question is, just how much of the gear box will be left, when she gets back.
    In the UK, the majority of cars have manual transmission, so it is not really something we think about.

  3. Lincoln

    My parents bought me a car when I turned 15 1/2 specifically so –they– wouldn’t die early teaching me to drive a stick.

    I’m impressed that you can get out in the real world without grinding the thing flat. (and yes, “learning to drive stick” is somewhere on my bucket list)

  4. Rachel

    I feel your fear! Never learned how to drive a stick shift. If you dated a UPS driver than he could probably tell you how to get around the city without making a left-hand turn. And he would be wearing a uniform . . . Not that I’m campaigning against the Wedding Date because he really impressed me with seeing you to the highway. Just thinking ahead. I hope you feel better soon!


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