Writing left handed


So you know how I’m supposed to go to that wedding today?

That formal wedding?

The wedding for which I’ve been trying on gowns all week?

And shoes?

And different hair accessories?

For which I even bought new eye shadow?

(Before you kill me for going out of my way for Date#7 this weekend, the eye shadow was from the Dollar Store, so it was hardly a major investment, but still…)

Well, I had myself a little chat with the bride last night.  And when I mentioned the word “evening gown” she looked at me like I had two heads.

So much for that that.

19 Responses to “Men…”

    • Zak

      At this point… I hate to say this… I’m less surprised by anything this dude does, and more surprised Kat is putting up with it.

      Is he playing hard to get, and you just want to conquer him? The sooner you stop trying to master him and move on to something better, the better for you.

  1. stevesw

    #7 has a lot of issues! Free drinks and food is a plus. BUT (was that shouting?) be alert – as you mentioned previously – for any sign that he introduces, hints at, or otherwise uses this as a “Mom I like you to meet my girlfriend.”

  2. Lincoln

    Kat… I’m still at a bit of a wonder that you haven’t ditched Date #7 so don’t construe this defense as an indication that you should continue your insanity, but…

    For a certain category of man (I like to think I’m not often in this category — I do own a tux that sees much too seldom use — and a couple suits that see much more frequent use) “Informal” is roughly equal to “Clothing Optional” [dressing up would be holy jeans and a tattered shirt) and “Formal” is rougly “Clothing Mandatory” (Dressing up: Shirt has buttons, all pieces laundered at some point in the last year)

    But I also got an invitation for a benefit labled “cocktail attire”… Even after Googling I’m still not 100% clear on what I should be wearing. SIgh.

    • Zak

      Cocktail attire=look like James Bond? That’s my best guess as a guy who mostly subscribes to your logic above…

      • Lincoln

        Therein lies the confusion: To me James Bond == Black Tie == Tux. I can do that. I suspect “Cocktail Attire” is womanspeak for something between “Business Casual” and “Black Tie” (does anyone even do White Tie anymore?

        • Kat Richter

          Yes, cocktail attire is more along the lines of business casual, but “semi-formal” is a more accurate description. Basically, suit and tie or dress pants and a blazer, not a tux. Tux IS James Bond, but Bond is not “cocktail attire.”

          • Zak

            But bond gets martinis, shaken, not stirred. And wears a tux.

            Women need to come up with a chart for this shit. Wait! I can do that!

            Look for an upcoming post. Hey Kat, I will need your help, probably.

    • Chicago-Style Girl

      Cocktail attire means dress pants and shirt and tie for men (NOT business casual) and fun and flirty party for women. Go to Macy’s website and search for cocktail dresses. That will give you the perfect idea of what to wear. My engagement party was a cocktail party and everyone was properly dressed except those who unfortunately asked the fiance what cocktail attire meant. They showed up looking business casual. I’m talking khakis and jean jackets…

      • Kat Richter

        I should have read this comment before writing my reply to Lincoln and Zack– you’re right: khakis and jean jackets are NOT cocktail. I’m always amazed by how many different words/phrases there are (formal, semi-formal, black tie, business casual, smart, etc.) and how many different way there are to screw up!

  3. Lost in France

    Hope you were appropriate attired and have survive the evening with date 7


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