The Pursuit of Happiness

I stumbled upon the following last night:

I don’t generally believe in signs (especially signs that tell me things I’d prefer to ignore) but this one was pretty hard to pass up, especially as I’d just completed a rather exasperating conversation with you-know-who.

In just a few hours I’ll be off to meet The Wedding Date for dinner and even though I’m having a horrible hair day (as pointed out by my darling preschoolers), I intend to be happy.

8 Responses to “The Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Words to live by. Have a great time on your date tonight!

    As for ‘you-know-who’ and your kinda keeping him around in the hopes that he surprises you and does a 180 to magically be the man you want/need him to be? Well, that rarely happens. How do I know? ‘Cause I do the exact same thing. It’s so hard to let go when you see something that you like; but sadly when then the dislikes outweigh the good parts, it’s probably time. 😦 After the wedding, of course. Hello? Open bar!

  2. Lost in France

    In fact, with further thought, I think this is something I need to take on board in my life.


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