See you Later, Alligator

My preschoolers have reached an important milestone in their young lives.  They still can’t tie their shoes (“Miss Kat, I’m only FOUR!  I’m not going to tie my shoes till I’m FIVE!”), and the art of lining up continues to baffle the vast majority of my bumbling beach balls but they’ve finally learned their first their first “big kid” rhyme.

Sort of.

Of course, it doesn’t actually rhyme when they say it, but this hasn’t stopped them from shouting, “See you later, crocodile!” at the end of every class.

“See you later, crocodile,” is promptly followed by, “In a while, alligator!” and finally “Miss Kat, when we gonna get our stickers?”

In keeping with the theme of water-dwelling animals, He-who-will-not-tie-his-shoes-until-he-is-five now tells me, “See you later, shark!” and his friends immediately echo, “In a while, cheetah!”

(They’re on a major cheetah kick right now.)

I used to try to correct them but they’re so damn funny that I’ve given up.  Besides, I’m only the creative movement teacher, and it’s thanks to me and my “Let’s walk like a [insert your animal of choice]” that they know so many darn animals in the first place.

I’ve relayed this story today because I know I should be telling Date #7, “See you later, crocodile” or “In a while, alligator” or “Take a hike, you mean old cheetah!” but here’s where my three and four years olds are smarter than me: they know when it’s time to say goodbye and I don’t.

I should have done it ages ago—Date #7 is the way he is and that’s never going to change—but I’ve already agreed to go to his brother’s wedding later this month and seeing as I’ve got an entire rack of unworn gowns burning a hole in my closet, I intend to do just that.  Plus, if we can’t enjoy ourselves for a wedding, there really is no hope for us.

But now, while we’re on the subject of weddings, let’s move onto The Wedding Date, shall we?

For those of you just tuning in, we met at a friend’s wedding back in July and even though he was there with a date, I managed to steal him away when the DJ called Lady’s Choice.  A few weeks later, he found me on Facebook and we went on our first date last month.

It was picture perfect (in fact, you can read about it here) but his personal life is a bit more complicated than mine so it’s taken us until now to arrange a second rendezvous.

Nonetheless, we’re headed to a Mediterranean place in New Jersey tomorrow night.  Why New Jersey?  Well, he’s from New Jersey (I mean, why break my habit of falling for out-of-towners now?)

And on that note, I will see you later, crocodiles—time for me to hit the shower and round up my beach balls.

14 Responses to “See you Later, Alligator”

  1. sarahnsh

    I’m going to agree with Landlord… I’m raising both my hands for the Wedding Date! I think it sounds like you guys had an awesome time together and I can’t wait until you tell us about the next time.

  2. Zak

    You know…. there’s no requirement to go to the wedding with Date #7. You can always just email/call/text, say you shouldn’t have agreed, take a lesson from your four year olds and continue on with the HAPPY parts of your life, Wedding Date or otherwise.


  3. Zak

    So, you go to the wedding, keep talking about the Wedding Date, and then tell Date #7 he’s a jerk. Who knows, it might be fun.

  4. Joann Jurs

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