T-Minus 2 Hours

My legs are shaved, my eyebrows are plucked and thanks to several of my more observant preschoolers having asked, “Miss Kat!  You have a beard???” my… well, let’s just say I’ve sorted that out as well.

Why all the fuss?

Well, Date #7 is on his way to Philadelphia as we speak.  In less than two hours, I’ll be heading out in my first cold-weather nightclub ensemble of the year (I’m thinking skinny jeans tucked into my high heeled boots) for a friend’s performance and—depending on traffic—drinks with a certain someone, his brother and his brother’s fiancé.

Of course, I haven’t actually spoken to Date #7 in several days so who the hell knows whether or not he’ll actually show up.  The bar’s to-die-for-cornbread may be the highlight of my evening.

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