Writing left handed

The Voice of Reason… or Something

Well, I’m glad that yesterday’s post didn’t completely offend anyone.  And those of you who pointed out that beauty doesn’t necessarily equal power are right; beauty does tend to equal low self esteem, and who’s to say what’s beautiful anyway?

I guess the point I was trying to make is that anyone in a position  of power—be it good looks, a successful career, a great sense of humor, etc.—ought to set the bar high for the benefit of those who might be unable or unwilling to do so themselves.

Now, moving on to new business…

Well, it’s not really new business.  It’s just further justification (a Jane Austen justification, actually) of my continued dalliance with Date #7 because frankly, I’m starting to question my own sanity.

Edward Ferrars was seeing someone else when he first met Elinor Dashwood.  In fact, he was engaged to someone else, and yet he still spent his entire stay at Norland inadvertently puttin’ the moves on.

I know this not because I’ve read Sense and Sensibility but because I’ve seen the film about a thousand times and, having spent the majority of my teen years watching Hugh Grant profess his love to Emma Thompson, I’ve come to consider Hugh Grant the quintessential English gentleman.  (Second only to Colin Firth.)

Everyone knows that Grant’s actually quite the prick in the real life—and, perhaps more importantly, that Edward Ferrars is a figment of the imagination— but all the same, it hardly seems fair to condemn Date #7 for having met someone else before he met me.

It’s not his fault.

(And with reasoning this sound, I should probably give up on writing and head to the Supreme Court instead.)

Speaking of the Supreme Court, I’m not going to be thinking about Date #7 today because as soon as I finish my morning classes, I’m headed down to DC for a vigil to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

And here I’d usually say something pithy (or at least witty) to wrap up today’s post but I need to leave for work in 17 minutes and still haven’t packed my overnight bag for D.C.  So that’s all for now, folks.  Happy almost-Friday!

4 Responses to “The Voice of Reason… or Something”

  1. Kara

    Where are u staying while you’re in my neck of the woods? It would be great to see you! Text or Facebook me and maybe we can get together 🙂

  2. Lost in France

    There is never any crime in having had previous relationships, it is the parallel serious relationships which are a problem.
    Transition zones could be considered a grey area by some, but there is no excuse for prolonging this. To me it seems as though they are keeping the original person as a back up in case the new one is not as great as they had originally thought.

  3. becky119

    I’ve gotta say…I was shocked when I saw that you haven’t read Sense and Sensibility. Mind you, it isn’t Austen’s best work…but still, comeon Kat!

    I personally thought that most of the men in Sense and Sensibiity were jerks. One in particular who has a terrible name that I could not get used to and therefore nicknamed him Will. As for Elinor and Edward, that was a drama in itself, especially when we meet ‘the other woman’.


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